Poor Pluto

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My husband and the boys do have some odd conversations!

This weeks kicks off with a discussion about the Evening Star…

My husband had taken the 7yo shopping, after his little brother and sister had gone to bed, one evening last week (as a treat!). It was a clear night, so they were looking for the Evening Star.

Hubby was explaining to the 7yo that it was a planet (Venus) which lead to a discussion about how many planets there were. Hubby asked if the 7yo knew about Pluto.

The 7yo’s response?

Yes. It was a planet but now it’s not because it was too small. I don’t think that’s fair. You shouldn’t pick on a planet because it’s too small. It’s like picking on a person because they’re small – it’s not nice.

So, there you go, powers that be.

Demoting Pluto was mean!

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14 thoughts on “Poor Pluto”

  1. Wicked World of Lucas

    I totally agree – Poor Pluto…….. we all learned about My Very Easy Method Just Shows Us Nine Planets (Mars, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) now we just have nine ********* – your little one is very smart and kind #wotsofunee

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