How does your garden grow?

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Monday was Columbus Day here in the US. It was a beautiful, sunny, crisp autumn day – a chilly start followed by a lovely mild afternoon. My husband had the day off, and after a weekend that included apple picking, he offered to take the kids for the morning so that I could have a little bit of child free time. I headed to my local Starbucks (they do the best tea, by far!), took my notebook and my iPad and settled down for a lovely morning of tea and blogging! While there I bumped into friends, chatted to the regulars and enjoyed a moment to myself.

I decided to walk home, the sky was a beautiful deep blue. The trees were looking fabulous.

The leaves are starting to fall.

Soon, the colours will be gone.

Replaced by stark branches, ready for winter.

But, for the moment the colours are bright and beautiful; from pretty pink to flaming orange to vibrant red.

My last Fall post caused some swooning… I hope you enjoy this one too :)

As for my own garden?

Well, the ‘landscaper’ (which I put in inverted commas as I’m not convinced they know anything about landscaping as such…) organised by my neighbour to tidy our shared garden has been and pruned everything back for the winter. It’s all looking very tidy. I’m hoping that we can manage to do it all ourselves next year…

At the weekend I bought loads of bulbs – Daffodils, Tulips and Muscari – to plant around the trees, at the edges of the larger shrubs and down the side of our house. Our garden lacked colour last year, and I’m looking forward to a lovely bright spring.

The last two photos above were taken in my garden, the oak trees still have most of their leaves, but give it another few weeks and our garden will be a sea of leaves – great for the kids to jump in, not so much fun for the grown ups to rake up!

I am linking up with the wonderful Mammasaurus again for her ‘How does your garden grow?’ linky. Click on the badge and be inspired.

26 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?”

  1. Oh Sara, I’ve been waiting so impatiently for New England in the fall, last week was beautiful, this week you have brought it in spades again. Absolutely stunning, ooooh the colour. I know I sound like a broken record, but how I would love to be in New England right now, all those trees, the pumpkins and the whole American Halloween. I do take my hat off to Americans, no one does Halloween like they do. I get such a buzz from your fall posts, thank you xxx

  2. Woah! Colour fest! That bright blue sky is the perfect backdrop. Walks like that are good for the soul x

    Thanks ever so much for joining in again and sharing – happy days!

    1. You are so right – I felt very relaxed and calm by the time I got home. Of course the few hours with no children helped that feeling of peace! But, just walking in the sunshine, surrounded by all that beautiful colour was wonderful xx

  3. I can’t wait for our trees to turn those colors – I absolutely love it! And against that clear blue sky, I can almost feel the crispness – so gorgeous.

    And aren’t husbands wonderful when they give us a little time to ourselves without the kids?

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  5. So many different colours… and it seems that everything is a little redder than the last set you posted. Amazing to be able to follow the fall as it happens. Thanks for posting.

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