Ordinary Moments: take a bow

When I was little I loved putting on ‘shows’… (My poor mother!). How many of you made up little plays and performed them for your adoring (captive) audience?!

We recently put up some curtains to try and reduce the drafts in our completely open plan downstairs! The unexpected consequence of this has been the irresistible temptation to appear through the curtains with a ta-da and follow this up with a dance or a song. (And that’s just me…!)

And then, of course, there must be bowing! And lots of clapping :)

It’s brought back some lovely memories. As I listen to the whispering behind the curtain I am transported back to my own childhood. I am looking forward to watching my kids perform their little shows; to the looks of joy on their faces as mummy and daddy laugh and clap; to seeing how inventive they can be!

I also imagine that this is something where the wee girl will very definitely take the lead – her ta-da moments are Oscar worthy already :)

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28 thoughts on “Ordinary Moments: take a bow”

  1. Oh now that’s just a little kid dream come true – and I bet their theatrics are lovely; their bows are definitely Oscar ready!

  2. Mummy Hearts You

    I always used to put on shows when I was younger, which is strange as I think about as I can’t believe I used to do it! I am quite the shy, reserved kinda girl now!

  3. This is adorable! I also used to do the same, in fact I have many cringey videos of me and my friends dressed up in ridiculous makeup that we raided from my Mum singing to the spice girls. Ah the memories! ;) x

  4. Oh my the cringey moments of putting on keyboard playing shows for my family at Christmas is coming flooding back ARGH!
    But incredibly cute when your kids do it of course – just cringing at myself !

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