What’s the Story: stomping in the snow

Last Sunday night it snowed. On Monday morning we woke to our first proper covering of snow! It was less than an inch, but everything was white.

When the wee girl and I got back from the school run, a stomp around the garden was a must.

This was a first for the wee girl. Last winter she was too small, not walking and always confined to the buggy or the Ergo. She didn’t experience the snow first hand at all.

So, on Monday she had her first run around in the snow!

She wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, but she has very quickly learnt the word sssnow. She liked stamping in it and seeing her footprints. She was interested in the areas where there was no snow (where the car had been) and jumped backwards and forwards between the black and the white.

On Saturday night we had our first real snowstorm! We woke to a completely white world with a good six inches on the ground.

I suspect we are going to have many opportunities to play in the snow this winter :)

Also linking with The Ordinary Moments. Although we have now had lots more snow, I will remember this moment, the wee girls first experience of walking in the funny white stuff :)

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25 thoughts on “What’s the Story: stomping in the snow”

  1. Look at her in her little snow boots and all wrapped up, just adorable! Lots of snow your end already, that happened so so fast! How wonderful to wake up to it though. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

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