Elf on the Shelf: Update

So, how are your elves getting on? Are they still being creative in their hiding places, or are they running out of ideas?!

Stealth Elfie continues to focus on places where the wee girl can’t reach him, which does limit his choices a little… But, his hiding places have certainly entertained the boys! And, the wee girl now gets quite excited when she spots him too :)

Their favourites this week were when he hid in daddy’s water bottle, took them ages to find him in there; and the day that he helped himself to the Starburst and left a trail of wrappers through the kitchen and living room! He has also been found hanging upside down above the front windows, reclining in a lampshade and studying our Santa photo.

This morning they will find him here. I think this hiding spot is more reflective of mummy’s state of mind than Stealth Elfie’s creativity…

With a week to go, can Stealth Elfie up his game? Or is he going to have to start reusing hiding places?!


15 thoughts on “Elf on the Shelf: Update”

  1. We have our Elf high up too. We have a different elf – Christopher Popinkins that I bought in Bartells sale last year for $8 and he is much cuter than elf on a shelf. In the book it says he can’t be touched or he will lose his magic and have to go to the North Pole to get it back. It’s been a resounding success, he writes notes to the girls and it has encouraged him to write back. Off to make gingerbread cookies for him as we speak.

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