Bake: Christmas Cookies

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The 4yo often asks if we can bake. He loves to help make cookies and cakes, and he really loves decorating them! So out came the cookie dough :)

He helped roll it out, then cut out his shapes. He’s very precise, so we had three of each shape: Santa, tree and snowflake. His little sister had to get in on the action too, although she was happy to just watch (and she napped through decorating!).

Once baked the snowflakes looked more like flowers, but the 4yo didn’t mind and once they were cool, it was time to decorate! I had red, green and white icing and lots of festive sprinkles. The red icing was a little runnier than we expected, so Santa’s hat ran off the cookie. But, the 4yo loved that it made the shape of another hat, complete with bobble, on the table! After lots of spreading and sprinkling he was happy with his creations :)

We saved some of the cookies for the 7yo to have a go. His Santa turned out brilliantly – if a little scary! His red tree was certainly interesting and as the snowflakes really did look like flowers, he decided to decorate one as such!

This is one of my favourite activities to do with the boys, they enjoy it so much and they get really creative with the icing! It’s so simple to set up (if you cheat with ready made cookie dough!) and rolling the dough and cutting out the shapes provides some good fine motor practice and requires patience to get the dough to the right thickness and to cut, and push out, the shapes neatly.

And, they are always so proud of their creations :)

I’m also linking to #TastyTuesdays over at Honest Mum – although there wasn’t much ‘cooking’ involved on this occasion, it was lots of fun and a great Christmas activity :)
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On another day, with more time, I would have made a batch of simple sugar cookie dough :)

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  1. sarahhillwheelers

    These look like a whole lot of fun (just keep them away from the elf….) dropping in belatedly from #tastytuesdays

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