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The theme from Tara for The Gallery this week is, of course: Christmas Tree.

When we moved to the US we didn’t pack any of our Christmas decorations. We left our baubles, lights, garlands, toys, ornaments, nativity scene: everything, at home. In the midst of packing, with a shipping allowance in mind, Christmas wasn’t a priority!

When it came to decorating the house last year, we had to buy everything. With our boxes (and boxes!) of stuff at home fresh in my mind, I kept our purchases to a minimum. We bought a tree, two boxes of baubles, some bead garlands and fairy lights, along with a wreath for the porch.

I marked our first year with a few special ornaments: a set of our initials and a 2012; ‘son’ and ‘daughter’ decorations from the Christmas shop at Quincy Market in Boston, personalised with the children’s names.

The tree looked lovely, but I will admit to missing the decorations that we had gathered over the years. I still do.

This year, I have added to our new decorations with some berry branches and some more lights to expand the festive feel beyond the tree. I also bought a little tinsel tree and baubles to go on the stairs and give us a little bit more sparkle as we move through the house. I bought a 2013 for the tree. I still have more fairy lights to put up :)

It’s not perfect, and it’s certainly not a patch on past Christmases, but it’s pretty and sparkly and the kids love it.

There is something special about sitting in the evening with the only lighting coming from the tree and fairy lights (some of our fairy lights stay up all year!).

We have lots of snow and the decorations are up. Christmas cards have started to arrive.

It’s beginning to feel very much like Christmas!


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  1. Lovely tree, i love having the main room lights turned off and having the xmas tree lights sparkling from the corner of the room. I really miss them come January.

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