Me and: The Expat Wives Club


On Sunday I spent a wonderful afternoon in Boston with some lovely ladies. The Expat Wives Club, as I think of us!

One of our number was celebrating a birthday and we joined her for afternoon tea in the Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons. Very swish! One of our number was missing, and missed.

It was a beautiful afternoon and I took a stroll through Central Boston on my way there. It was sunny, it was warm(er!) and I felt refreshed; and reminded of why I love the city of Boston so much.

As I walked past Quincy Market and the State House, down Tremont Street and through the Common, the sun was streaming through the buildings, making decent photographs impossible, but leaving me these wonderful reminders of a sunny afternoon.

Our get together finished with a stroll back across the Common and through the wonderfully quirky Beacon Hill; perfect.










While we ate a beautiful brunch, with a simply fabulous selection of little cakes (deciding they were calorie free as they were each only a mouthful, or so…) we chatted about our day to day; sharing our latest adventures, our most recent aargh moments, our irritation with the snow!



[Thanks to the Birthday girl for the photo of me!]

Brought together by our shared circumstances, our get togethers are fun and comforting. We’ve come from the same place, emotionally and in some cases literally! We share frustrations and amusement at our new lives. Some of us even share an accent :) We understand the tough days and we laugh at the same unexpected moments.

When all four of us pulled out our shiny Bank of America cards we shared a moment of understanding and laughter. It would seem this is the Bank that is most welcoming to Expats with no credit history :)

As we chatted about houses and schools and the fact that bread seems to last forever, while best before dates are a rarity; we laughed at how similar our experiences are and how wonderful it is to share those experiences with people who really understand.

Life as an Expat can be lonely at times, shared history and cultural references are missing; the looks of confusion on the faces of friends/acquaintances/baristas (!) can become wearing at times. A couple of hours in the company of people who require no explanations, no additional information, allows you take a deep breath and relax. Switch off for a bit and have a break from the cultural and language translation that is a constant background murmur in your head.

Although I was slightly taken aback when I actually remembered to ask for ‘non-fat’ milk and the waiter looked slightly confused and said ‘skimmed?’…!

A truly lovely afternoon, one that we will hopefully repeat sooner rather than later.

[A little background to our group: our husbands all work together; three of the husbands worked in Edinburgh before we all moved here; I know one of the wives from Edinburgh; I had met another at a Christmas party many years ago… It’s a small world isn’t it?]

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34 thoughts on “Me and: The Expat Wives Club”

  1. Oh that sounds VERY VERY swish INDEED! A couple of photos in your post remind me of my Sunday one, in that you have naked leaf-less trees set against a contrasting DEEP blue sky. The rest of the photos blow me out of the water – wow just wow! Liska xxx

  2. I have lived a life as expat in New York for couple of years and I know what you meant by feeling lonely, at times, and missing the culture we come from. I understand how relieving it is to catch up some likeminded over a coffee. Glad that you had a nice eve. Spectacular shots of Boston. :)

  3. That sounds like a lovely afternoon. Small world indeed. I’d love to visit Boston sometime, it’s definitely on my list of places to see!

  4. Ugh how nice for you to have found a community of British expat moms in Boston…I would LOVE To find a bunch of Canadian moms living in Italy, but alas I think I’m the only one!!!

    Glad to have found you through#AllAboutYou, your pictures of Boston are very beautiful and I’m sure all of those desserts were calorie free!

    Angie from reasons to dress take a glimpse into my euro mommy life

    1. Thank you! It is lovely to be able to meet up with a group who really understand what it’s like to be the ‘expat’. It must be tough not to have that x

  5. Beautiful photos of Boston Sara – brought back memories when I used to visit when I was studying at Harvard. How lovely for you having expat friends to hang out with – actually have a really nice lunch!

  6. I like the photos with the streaming sunlight, because I think we all know that moment when we see something perfect but the light is wrong to capture it in all its “perfection”. When in fact part of the moment’s perfection is that the falling of the light is a very special marker of the season and time of day in itself.

    Really nice looking cakes!

  7. Mama and more aka Zaz

    How great to have a shared connection and there is nothing like a good girlie get together! Lovely pictures – I last went to Boston when I was 19, took me right back! (Well, waaaaay back!) #AllAboutYou

  8. It certainly looks warmer! :) Yes, it’s lovely to be able to spend some time with people who know exactly how you feel. One of my closest friends here is Swedish (the mum of little T’s best friend) and though she’s lived here way longer than me, she definitely knows and empathizes when I start lamenting about how difficult it is sometimes to be away from family/country. #PoCoLo.

  9. Leanne (

    Oh Boston looks AMAZING!!!.. Its good that you friends who can totally relate to how your feeling, without even having to say a single word.. True friends :) #PoCoLo

  10. Ah sounds like a lovely day, must be great being able to share your feelings with others going through the same kind of experiences as you. Boston looks lovely, I’ve actually been to quite a few American cities but didn’t make it to Boston, I have heard it is nice though :) xx #pocolo

  11. I need an expat wives club here!!!! Sounds amazing so glad you all have each other it really does make a big difference. My first two years with no Friends was extremely hard. Lovely post.

  12. How lovely, I’ve only been to Boston once, on the way to Cape Cod, it is such a genteel city – well about from the crazy road system, which is like doing formula 1 on acid from my recollections. So cool that you’ve got a solid group of expat chums to share your experiences with, I feel there is a possible book in the tales you could all tell at some point in the future #AllAboutYou

    1. You’re not the first to mention a book :) It is a lovely city, and the roads aren’t that bad… but then I compare everything to London, which I hate driving in :)

  13. What a truly fabulous idea. It looks like a wonderful afternoon and you look so happy :). I’ve always wanted to visit Boston so thank you for sharing a little piece of it and for linking to PoCoLo x

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