One Week: Winter 2014: Acceptance


I will not lie, I am not a huge fan of the snow. Last year, when Nemo hit, dumping almost three feet of snow on us in 24 hours, I fought the snow; I couldn’t accept that I had to change my daily routines, that I needed to drive more, walk less. I certainly did not look on it as a fun thing.

It took me completely by surprise. That much snow just wasn’t imaginable. I had no idea how to deal with it and I found it impossible to just go with it. Having arrived during a long, hot summer and enjoyed an equally long and pleasant autumn; I was not ready to find myself snowed in to my house. I kid you not, my husband had to dig us out!

This year, we haven’t had a storm quite like Nemo; but the snow has been a constant companion to our days. The first serious snow fall happened just before Christmas, then just after Christmas then just after New Year…! And, well, it hasn’t really stopped since!

The big difference this year is that I approached the snow with my eyes open. I knew what to expect and I accepted that I would need to change my routines. When it’s -15C and there is a foot of snow, you can’t take a buggy out… The school run has to be done by car, you can’t go for your daily walks, you can’t take the kids to the park.

You need to find a new routine, a new normal.

From a purely practical perspective a foot or so of snow means that pavements become impassible by buggy. Even where people make a good job of clearing the sidewalk outside their house, it’s often too narrow for a buggy, and that’s before you try and cross a road… Cutting through the snow banks at cross walks is not a priority for most! Walking on the road is often the only option.







Then there’s the difficulty of opening car doors… I’ve had to move the wee girls car seat to the ‘road’ side of the car. You can’t open the passenger doors when there is two feet of snow piled up at the kerb line!


Snow clearing, a neighbourhood activity, becomes the norm; as does having your driveway ploughed!


And then, if you don’t clear the snow fast enough, you get huge slabs of ice like this!


I am still not a huge fan of the snow; but I have accepted it this year and I have enjoyed watching the kids play, and indeed enjoyed playing with them. Seeing the wee girls tentative first forays into our winter wonderland was truly magical; seeing her investigate the white stuff, hearing her cries of ‘noooow, hearing the giggles and squeals.

I have been able to see the joy in the snow.

I have been able to see the beauty in the snow.

Because when you have this much snow, you get to do this…







I will be truly glad to see the back of the snow and the freezing temperatures. I have had some awful, frustrating days but I have wonderful memories of this winter. Instead of fighting against it, I have gone with it, and learnt a valuable lesson in the power of the positive and in acceptance of the things that you cannot change.

I’m joining in with the final day of the wonderful One Week [Winter 2014] over at Older Mum in a Muddle; reflecting on our winter and what it has meant to me.

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29 thoughts on “One Week: Winter 2014: Acceptance”

  1. Fantastic pictures, and such a positive post; if I were in your shoes that amount of snow would frustrate me too. At the same time, I miss it; apart from Scotland, we haven’t had any (yet). And what large amounts of snow you’ve had, what fun the children are having sledging and building snowmen… Thank you very much for joining in every day – you’re such a star! X

    1. Thank you, it’s been an interesting couple of months! Thank you for hosting, I have loved joining in x

  2. mytravelmonkey

    Great photos of fun in the snow! I can only imagine how tough it has made your daily life. If this happened here, the whole country would stand still – oops it has done, and that’s only for a few weeks! I hope it warms up soon

    1. Thank you! I am just grateful that the infrastructure here is so ready to cope, everything just keeps going, albeit at a slightly different pace :)

  3. I know how you feel, I grew up in Northern Idaho and we used to get four to five feet every winter for the whole winter and it just got so much after a while. Nothing worse than driving in it, and trying to maintain a normal schedule and life around it. Pain. The only time I prefer it is at a skiing resort. lol I hope spring comes our way sooo very soon. I can’t imagine trying to do the school run in so much snow even though I used to walk to school in it up above my waist, I can imagine as the kids so fun but as the parents, pain in the back side. Takes longer to do everything, layer everyone. Shouldn’t be too much of it to go more for you. I hope April brings you a lovely spring sunshine and flowers. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me and for all the support, means the world. Sending you warm wishes from the UK – Definitely never thought I would say that! lol ;) #sharewithme

    1. Oh, I hope spring arrives soon, I am done now! And would you believe that we have a storm heading our way again, I’ll probably wake up to snow again tomorrow, argh! I can’t imagine dealing with even more than we have on a daily basis, this has been bad interesting enough :) Thanks for hosting x

  4. Well I’m glad you found a way to accept it but I an imagine it must have been a bit of a nightmare having to basically rearrange your life because of it. So crazy how much fuss is made after just a couple of inches of snow over here, which is nothing compared to what you have to deal with over there! Glad you had some fun times with it too :) xx #sharewithme

    1. I have certainly dealt with it better this year, and while I am looking forward to it all melting (!) I do have some wonderful memories x

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  6. Yikes! Brrrr. And here’s me complaining because it’s a bit blowy outside! Really hope that Spring arrives for you soon Sara – and that it is long, and mild, and full of walks and park trips and absolutely no sledges or snowploughs :) E x

  7. Wow, you have had a lot of snow. I always think it’s great when you have nothing to do and nowhere to go and can just enjoy it, but the rest of the time it’s a pain. I hate driving in the snow, it terrifies me!
    Hope the spring arrives soon x

    1. I hate driving in snow too! Thankfully they have the infrastructure here to get the ploughs out and clear the roads really quickly, it’s very impressive.

  8. I have never been a snow fan. I think I loved the first week of snow back in NY. However, as the time progressed, I found myself in despair on watching black and white through the days.. lols!

    I loved the insights you’ve got it. Wonderful pics of little ones’ enjoying the snow.

  9. Lovely photos here! I can only imagine how much disruption there is having to live with that much snow. I’ve only ever experienced this on snowboarding holidays where of course that much snow is welcomed but trying to live daily life, particularly with kids must be really hard work! Its great that you have embraced it this year and clearly the kids LOVE to play in it which hopefully made it that much easier for you :) x

    1. It has been fantastic watching the kids have so much fun, but you’re right, it does make the day to say really hard work!

  10. Looks like you made the most of it. It does look beautiful, but I would be frustrated too, if I couldn’t go out for a walk!

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