Make: butterfly and owl craft kit


Another cold Friday, another fun craft activity for the 4yo!

The theme for the Family Fun linky from Denise over at Mum on a Mission for a Better Life this week is pink. I hadn’t managed to do much during the week – it was one of those weeks! – but, we needed to go to the craft store on Friday to get presentation board for the 7yo’s latest homework project. While we were there we found lots of fun spring crafts, and both the 4yo and the wee girl were very taken with a butterfly and owl kit and it was largely pink! Bonus :)

Once the wee girl went down for her nap (so that the 4yo could create undisturbed!) I set everything out for him. Following the pictures by way of instructions he set about making one of the creatures. In his usual precise way he wanted them to look like the pictures! I helped him a little (very little!) with the first one and then left him to it…
butterfly 1butterfly 2butterflies and owl

We left everything where it was while we went to pick the 7yo up from school. When we got back all three of them got stuck in, creating their own creatures :)
creative creatures 1
creative creatures 2

So, for our $8 we got 2 hours of entertainment; involving all three children working together, helping each other, creating and using their imaginations; three very happy kids; and quite a collection of creatures :)
creative collection

And, in keeping with the pink theme, I couldn’t resist decorating some mini cupcakes for myself :)
pink cupcakes

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40 thoughts on “Make: butterfly and owl craft kit”

  1. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM)

    Aww those creatures are so cute! And the kids certainly seemed to enjoy themselves making them, lovely happy faces! Ooh you meany with those cupcakes, making me hungry! ;) xx #letkidsbekids

  2. Great ideas, love the owls in particular. I run a kids nature group so may have to borrow this for one of our sessions!

    1. Very easy, we had a kit, but it would have taken no time to pull together the bits to do it ourselves x

  3. Those butterflies look so good, as do the fairy cakes but what I want to know is why is it when we have a craft session my place looks like a tip but when you do craft your place looks so pristine?!!

    1. Ah well, I carefully took the photos from an angle that didn’t show the chaos in the rest of the room…!

  4. So cute. What a lovely activity to do together. I’m sure I’ve got enough bits and pieces knocking around to be able to make something similar. #minicreations

  5. We do the same, once Summer has gone down for her afternoon nap, Jacob and I do arts and crafts. Those butterflies and owls look amazing.

    1. Oh, so are we! My oldest was given a ‘kit’ last year that we didn’t have time to do over the summer, so we’re just waiting for the weather to warm up a bit :)

  6. Grace says – I LOVE these sooo much. Guess what I’m gonna be doing this weekend!!!!

    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

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