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I do love a good linky, which is probably fairly obvious from my blog! They are of course a good way to increase traffic to your own blog, we all know this, and it’s one of the primary reasons we join in. But, it’s also a great way to find new blogs and to read some wonderful posts that you probably wouldn’t have found otherwise.

I also find them inspirational, not just in terms of giving me ideas for writing a post, but also through the other posts that I then read: different interpretations of a theme, different viewpoints, creative ideas and activities.

And then there’s the community. Each linky has its regulars and sometimes it feels a little like meeting friends in a cafe, grabbing a cuppa, pulling up a chair and telling each other about your latest project/moment/opinion. Sharing your ideas and having a chat :)

I always try to comment on as many linked posts as I can, although the reality is that most of us don’t have time to comment on every one. And, if I know I won’t have time to comment at all, I just don’t link.

There are of course days where you link up and then your day goes pear shaped. But when that happens I make sure that I, at the very least, reciprocate and visit any blogs that have left a comment on my post…

And therein lies the trigger for this post!

I’ve been doing a fair bit of commenting over the last few days and I have completely failed to find a couple of people that have commented on my blog. I feel terrible, and it got me thinking about the things that make life easier for yourself and others in a linky.

Before I start, as always I like to put my thoughts in context: I am a WordPress user and currently use the default WP commenting on my own blog. When I comment on other blogs, I use my WP identity or make sure I leave my URL, if given the option. I also have a Disqus account, which uses the same display name and image as my WP identity. My Twitter account also uses the same image, as does my Google Identity…

So, here are my Top Tips for stress free linky commenting:

1. Please, please, please don’t leave a cryptic title if you haven’t used your blog badge for the thumbnail! Yes, it may be an attention grabbing headline, but if I’m trying to find you to comment back, it’s probably not going to help!

2. If you have a blog badge, use it, if appropriate. For some of the photo linkys it’s more appropriate to use the image, but then I go back to point 1, please use your blog name in the description.

3. If it’s a text list, not a thumbnail list, then definitely include your blog name in the description!

3. When choosing the identity you use to comment, make sure the details are up to date, and include your blog name and/or URL! If I can’t quickly find your thumbnail/name in the linky, my next stop is going to be the URL or name you’ve left with your comment.

4. If you have a Gravatar, make sure the details are up to date and include your URL in your profile.

5. Consider creating identities for the common commenting engines, for example, Disqus. This means that your photo/details are consistent, which makes it easier for others to identify you and find your post.

[If someone can explain how the default Blogger commenting works, then that would be great… How does the information display? I’m aware that when I comment with my Google Identity it may not be particularly useful if you don’t already know me?!]

Having fairly recently gone self hosted I am considering upgrading my own commenting to Comment Luv, one of the main reasons being the ‘link to last post’ function as I’m sure that this makes linkys a lot easier to keep on top of. Any thoughts/opinions on this would be appreciated!

I will always do my best to find you, and have been known to resort to Google, Twitter and/or Bloglovin… but, best will in the world, I don’t always have time to do this! So, if I haven’t commented back, at least know that I will have tried my best :)

Now, I’m off to double check that all my details/identities are up to date!

What are your top tips for making commenting easy in linkys? What have I missed?!

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51 thoughts on “My Top Tips for stress free linky commenting”

  1. Great tips. I try to comment on as many as possible, but that usually ends up being about 5 on the big linkys. I’d also say do it on your computer – the amount of times I’ve read posts on my phone and tried to comment but it went wrong somewhere on the mobile, it’s really stressed me out. I know my own blog works in terms of commenting on mobile (well mac at least), but some blogs just don’t handle it well it seems.

    1. That’s a great point Ruth, it’s better to just wait to do it on computer than get frustrated with phone commenting and then not revisiting!

  2. sarahhillwheeler

    Thanks for the tips, often wondered about Google plus and my default wordpress ID now I have gone self-hosted. Lots for me to sort out still!

    1. I thinks it’s worth having a look across social media identities and making sure they’re consistent. The real issue is for new bloggers whose ‘picture’ may not be recognisable yet, it can be really hard to find them in a linky if the thumbnail and/or the comment info doesn’t have their blog name included… Really glad the post has been useful x

    1. That’s what I thought… I have tried changing my ID on blogger commenting using the drop down, but I often then get bounced out and have to start again! Would it help if people added their blog name/identity to the comment?

  3. Greta tips, Sara. Like you, I join in with loads of linkys and always do my best to be good commenting t reciprocating, but then I don’t have lots of time spare to go hunting down blogs and links! And yes, when I know I’ll be very pushed for time, I choose not to link.

    1. Thanks Jocelyn, I was tearing my hair out the weekend, and I’d had this post in draft for awhile, so it was time to hit publish!

  4. What a fantastic list of tips. So very helpful too. I am always linking up and recently made this one so it’s good to keep these tips in mind when I am commenting on all the other blogs and linking up next time. Thank you ever so much for joining in Share With Me. (that’s for displaying the badge but I don’t see your link up on my post) I was just stopping by and saw on twitter you said you linked up. Not sure if it’s a problem on my end.

  5. Mummy Hearts You

    I always try and comment on those that have commented on mine, if they made the effort to come to me then why shouldn’t I re-pay the favour.. I think its a great way to find new blogs and have found so many great blogs just by people commenting on mine through a blog hop.

    Once I have linked up I always try and comment on at least 10 in the linky, wether it be that day or the next.. I love reading what others have to say!

    1. They’re such a great way to find interesting reading aren’t they? And I completely agree, if someone has taken the time to comment on my blog, the least I can do is head over to theirs x

  6. Great tips here. I always try to comment on as many as possible – I’d love to be able to comment on them all and sometimes manage it. Usually, I try to do at least 5. Like you say, it’s not just a way to send traffic to your own blog – it’s really lovely to meet others in the blogging community and find other blogs to read. I know that there are people who never comment on other blogs in the linkies; when you see the same people doing the same linkies every week and there are never any comments from them on any of the other posts. It really annoys me actually and I have started not commenting on theirs. Not because I expect everyone to comment on mine – of course not, but you can’t join a linky and not read other blogs. It isn’t fair and it totally undermines the spirit of the thing in the first place. Thank you for sharing these tips #ShareWithMe

    1. I agree, if I notice someone never comments then they tend to fall off my ‘if I have time’ list! Really glad the post was useful x

  7. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM)

    Very helpful tips and I agree with all of them. very interesting points about the name/image you use to link up too, I usually try and do a combination of both – sometimes a catchy title is great but there are times it makes it difficult to reciprocate with people! When i started I tried to work out of there was an etiquette for this but found lots of people do things differently! I much prefer comment styles that allow you to post your name and URL – as I always feel just my google plus ID too convoluted for people to link to then find my website, plus then people sometimes reply via google plus which i don’t use as much and oh it just gets complicated! Shame it isn’t a bit more standardised! Very useful post though and great reading :) xx

    1. I think a catchy title is fab if you’ve used your blog badge, or if in a list you’ve included your blog name too. It’s the completely anonymous ones that get me! It would be great if it was all a bit simpler wouldn’t it?!

  8. Le Coin de Mel

    Fab advice! The time I joined a Linky about 10 weeks ago, I was not sure what to do and your post would have made such a difference! I used to comment on every single post that had been linked, and in some cases, it was taking me over four hours to do that and I found that quite a few people did not reciprocate. I now tend to comment on the regulars, blogs I follow as well as a couple of blogs I have not heard of before, so I can discover new bloggers. For those ones, I tend to go for appealing titles or interesting photo / thumbnail. x Mel

    1. I think we should all try and comment on as many as we reasonably can (and it’s the whole point of linkys!) and I do the same as you if I’m selecting. I do tend to click on a couple that I don’t recognise, and it’s always lovely to find new blogs. The problem comes when you want to reciprocate and there is both an interesting photo and title, and no way of knowing who wrote it!

  9. I’m with you on all these points! Sometimes, I have to go through great lengths to comment back on a blog. I only link up when I can comment on at least a reasonable number. As for Blogger, you can use the Name/URL option in the drop down menu, but that only shows up when the blogger has enabled anonymous comments. I’m consider upgrading to Google+ comments, but don’t want to force people to log in.

    1. It’s a tricky one, I know that some people don’t like having to log in to Google to comment… But, I think it’s more important to have a clear identity when commenting. I have found that using the drop down in blogger commenting often bounces me out when I hit ‘publish’ and I have to start again (that may be a function of using my iPad, a setting from the blogger, or just a glitch..?!) which isn’t very helpful :)

  10. I am still totally puzzled by linkies! Also I haven’t got the hang of keeping up with anyone who isn’t on WordPress, despite trying out a few other methods (eg Bloglovin’) which promised me the earth in terms of ease of use.

    Ah well. I am glad you are on WordPress anyway!!

    1. To comment on Blogger the easiest way is via your Google Identity, but not everyone wants to do that! I think WP commenting is far more flexible, but if people don’t keep their details up to date it can still be tricky :) I do use Bloglovin, but it just takes you to the blog, so you’re still commenting via whatever engine that blog uses. Linkys are great, and actually really easy, you just follow the instructions and add a link to your blog post (the full URL or the short link). In fact, I would love it if you’d join in with #ThePrompt, I think your posts would be wonderful… *nudge nudge* :)

  11. This is a great post – I have to admit I’m a bit rubbish at commenting on linkys. I find I have to do it at the same time I link my post otherwise I never get round to going back but then it means I don’t comment on anyone who links up after me. Also, I’ve still been using my old WordPress account to comment even though I’m now self hosted – I think it still works though because I’ve got a redirect on my blog.

    Good advice about matching up social media profiles/ images too, not just for commenting but it’s easier all round. I find it very confusing when people have different names and pictures on blogs/twitter/facebook/google+ – make them all the same!

    1. Thank you :) I think a lot of us comment that way, that’s why I try and reciprocate when I can, to catch people who’ve linked up after and commented on mine!

    1. I actually do all of my commenting on my iPad. Blogger can be a bit temperamental, but you should be able to comment. When you start typing, try not to stop :) If you touch your screen outside the keyboard, you will need to close the keyboard, tap in the comment box to bring the keyboard back, then start typing again. If you want to correct a mistake, do the same, tapping where you want to edit – and repeat! It’s a faff, but it works :) Let me know if you’re still having problems and I’ll try and help.

  12. Thanks for this interesting blog, I’m definitely guilty of not using my blog title for linkys! It’s frustrating when you can’t find the the person who’s left a lovely comment on a post, occasionally I’ll take a peek on Twitter as well, but if I can’t locate them after that I give up & move on.

  13. Leanne (

    Great tips hunnie!!!.. I always feel sad when someone comments and so I click on them to return a comment and I cant find their blog :(… I also use the same image for all my commenting profiles, helps people know who I am before there clicked on me… Ive also just added to my name: Leanne So if any of my details fail to load there can still find me or know who I am :) Ive also thought about comment luv is seems more SEO friendly :) let me know how you get on with it, if you decide to change x

  14. I can relate to some of this as I too try & comment back on the blog of the commenter. I use blogger and click the name of the person ho left the comment which takes me to their google + account & I hope thy their blog is listed. Of its not I go back o twitter to try & find them #willynilly

  15. ~What a very informative post. I do find that I waste a lot of time trying to work out who is who and find their blog to comment on! The answer to your question about blogger – people usually comment via their google profile, I have kept this as my old profile as that one enables you to display your website address quite clearly. Otherwise you can switch over to your Google+ profile but as not many people use that, I think it’s a bad idea.

    1. Thank you, glad it was useful. As a WordPress user Blogger commenting is a bit of a mystery :) I don’t think I had a Google profile before my G+ one, I just wish there was a way to make it all easier for everyone :)

  16. I installed comment luv just so that I could easily comment back, I usually try to comment on the day a linky opens up but sometimes kids, life, work puts my schedule into a mess and I have to do it at a later date. #pocolo

  17. A great, great post :) As you know, I love to tweet peoples posts and there is nothing more frustrating than trying to find peoples social media links (it can take me ages to find it sometimes!). I also find it so hard to link up to to other linkys when I run two myself – and when I do I find I hardly comment on anyone elses and then I feel guilty! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  18. These are very good tips! I love joining in when I can and often take a week or so to get back to everyone but I do try! Like you, I tend not to link up if I know I can’t comment but lately I have found so many fab new blogs its becomming a little addictive!
    x x x

  19. I tend to comment of familiar names and thumbnails that look interesting, try and get through as many as possible in any given nap time!! but now I’m following many linkys I have to pick and choose, I try to use the same name everywhere but there are variations eg blog lovinglifewithlittleones and on twitter and klout its lifelittleones as the name is too long!! but I use the same thumbnail for all my accounts.

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