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Last Friday, as is becoming the norm, it was time for another craft activity with the 4yo!

The theme for the Family Fun linky from Denise over at Mum on a Mission for a Better Life this week is outer space. I had decided that we would make a rocket ship…

You will need:
The inside of a loo roll or a kitchen roll
A glass or lid to draw around
Lollipop sticks (optional!)
Pipe cleaners

First you need to cover your roll in tin foil. Cut a piece of tin foil big enough to cover your loo roll/kitchen roll. Put some glue on the roll and on the tin foil and roll up tightly. Tuck the ends inside the tube.

Next make the top of your rocket. Draw around a glass/lid and then cut out your circle. Make a cut from the outer edge into the middle and then make a cone. Glue/stick the cone to the top of your tube. We used Sellotape as this was a bit easier.


Next cut out rectangles of card to make boosters for the sides of your rocket. Roll the card into a tube and then tape to the side. Make sure you leave a gap between the bottom of the boosters and the bottom of the rocket so that you have room to add the ‘flames’.


At this point the 4yo wanted to add a lollipop stick to each booster (because he’d found some in the craft drawer!), we simply taped these on to the sides of the boosters.

Next get your pipe cleaners (we cut ours in half) and tape one end of each inside a booster. Then curl the pipe cleaners out and up to create trails of flame.

Then it’s time to decorate. The 4yo had found some foam shapes and decided that he would like to stick flowers on to his rocket. So he did! He then added some stars to the top and wrapped a silver pipe cleaner around it as a finishing touch.


We then, coincidentally, received a rocket building set from a family friend!



The boys enjoyed building these too :)

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24 thoughts on “Make: Rocket Ship”

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  2. Fun idea. I know my son would have loved making it. Junk modelling is always a hit in this house. Usually he finds a box or a tube and inspiration hits. (Then I have to find the other key building materials!) #LetKidsBeKids

  3. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM)

    This is awesome and seriously creative! I think your homemade rocket is way cooler than the ones in the kit (though they are nice too :)) What an awesome crafty afternoon and i bet he loved it! Thanks so much for linking #creativechallenge xx

    1. Thank you! Some of it was a little tricky for the 4yo, but he enjoyed helping and holding – and then decorating. And, he had full design control :)

  4. Hi there Sarah,
    I hope you don’t mind me posting, but I saw the rockets in the photos above and wanted to share our ‘loo roll rocket’ competition with you! We’re asking people to create a rocket out of loo rolls, upload it to our fb page and the best rocket-er will win an iPod.

    Thank you!

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