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Over the holidays we did several craft projects. One of them was to make a Spring picture using some lovely wooden stickers of bees and ladybirds that we’d found on one of our many visits to the craft store!

I asked the 5yo what he would like to do and he wanted to make flowers for the bees to fly around. He wanted to use blue paper, with grass at the bottom and the sun in the sky. He found some star stickers and I found some green lollipop sticks. Under instruction, I cut out some grass from green card and some leaves for the flowers. He then set about creating his flowers.

After sticking down the grass he used lollipop sticks for the stems, stars for the sun and flowers and then added the leaves and the insects.

Look how symmetrical it is! Every picture he draws or craft he makes has to be in a pattern :) In this case even down to where he stuck the bees and ladybirds!


He was very pleased with his picture, and this one has gone up in the kitchen :)


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24 thoughts on “Make: Spring picture”

  1. Your little one really looks like he has enjoyed the activity, and the end result is beautiful! Great mess-free crafty activity. x Mel

  2. Oh wow! I LOVE that picture, it’s fantastic. I would give it pride of place in the kitchen! Those bees and ladybirds are so cute.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  3. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM)

    I love this, such a cute picture and I love that he chose to make this. I also love how neat and symmetrical he likes to be, that is just adorable! Lovely post, and thanks so much for linking and supporting the #creativechallenge xx

    1. It is funny how precise he is, but is art work is pretty impressive for a just turned five year old as a result :) Thanks for hosting x


    Lucas says – Awesome job lil’ dude :)
    Grace says – This is lovely – it makes me feel happy looking at it.
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

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