Motherhood: the mundane and the marvellous

As mothers, what do we touch each day? What do our busy hands do?

Motherhood - I have touched

Of course, there is the mundane. We get bogged down by it don’t we? Unable to see over the mountains of mundane…

The laundry, dishes, nappies, snacks, meals, homework, buggies, scooters, helmets, cars. Tooth brushing, bathing, showering, hair brushing. Cleaning, tidying, sorting, shopping…

It is never ending. It can be difficult to see past; to see beyond.

But, there is also the marvellous. The amazing and the special.

These hands touch my children’s faces, their hands, their hair; their creations, their artwork, their projects.

Their toys and games: a tea cup with pretend tea accompanied by imaginary cake; a spaceship on a journey to the moon; a fire engine on the way to an emergency; a stick that is not a stick but a light sabre; a Lego race car; a sofa boat, sailing across the ocean, with room for all the family; a magical leaf. Adventures and excitement and imagination.

These hands hold their love and trust and safety. Their hopes and dreams.

These hands give cuddles and soothe pain. They protect and guide. They clap in delight and point out the interesting. They beep noses and they tickle. They help jumps and boings and leaps. They encourage smiles and giggles!

I am proud of these hands of mine, that do so much more than I thought.

And that really is marvellous.

This post was inspired by the question posed at this months Story of Mum Make Date: what have you touched today? In my usual fashion (it being the middle of the afternoon for me when these wonderful twitter parties happen!) I popped in and out of the chat; but it got me thinking, as Pippa’s questions generally do… As always, the make part of the date (to draw round our hands and fill them in with all that we have touched) was impossible to do alongside refereeing children and making dinner, so that came later too!

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47 thoughts on “Motherhood: the mundane and the marvellous”

  1. This is beautiful, thank you for sharing this. Agree that it sometimes the mundane can be overwhelming and hard to see beyond and it is always good to be reminded of all the wonderful things mothers hands touch too.

  2. Oh I love this post! It’s wonderful to see how the Make Dates inspire us not just to get creative, but to remember the value of both the everyday and the amazing things we do as mothers. The boinging, the soaping and the love xx

  3. This is so true! Sometimes it is hard to see past the mundane. I really liked seeing all you had touched written out on the hand. Sometimes we don’t realize all we’re doing and all the people we’re impacting in a day!

  4. And indeed you should be proud! What would we do without our hands eh?! Interesting to realise all that we do in a day when written down like this isn’t it? My hands tend to touch a keyboard more than anything else these days! Love your picture, so creative :)

  5. What a fab post Sara! I love your picture too! You’re right it is easy to get bogged down in the mundane but really we do such a special job as mummies and nothing really comes close to it in life. X #sharewithme

  6. Ahhh Sara you have touched and enriched so many lives with those marvelleous hands of yours!!! Amazing post. Left me thinking what I have touched and down with my two hands. All I could think of at this moment was the blisters are finally healing from all that gardening. hahahaha It’s way too late to think deep. I can understand your twitter parties being wrong time zones too I do a few america google plus ones and it’s always weird hours going in and out of chatting. Great post I love the drawing at the beginning you are always so creative. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  7. Pingback: Motherhood: the mundane and the marvellous

  8. This is a lovely post! It’s so easy to focus on the negatives and to lose sight of the positives and we mums tend to sell ourselves short all the time. We do so much each and every day and although much of it is mind numbingly dull if viewed in isolation, the fact that it is such an important part of our children’s lives makes it very special. We are all superwomen!

    1. Thank you x It’s certainly something that I have to remind myself of every so often, as I get bogged down and defeated by the tedious stuff!

  9. It’s so true – I’m pushed to the limit so frequently since becoming a parent. Extreme highs, extreme lows and all the bits in between… must be stringer because of it though eh :) x

  10. I am looking at my hands now and I cringe cuz they are ugly. Before me being a mother, a wife they are nice and I have manicure every week. Now they are just rummaged by chores and more chores to come. I am not proud of them physically. I appreciate them so much and yet I wish I can do something to take care of them more =P

    Sorry I am ranting. But really this post is nice. My hands are slowly becoming like my mothers and I know that tho they are not the prettiest they are strong and can do whatever that is needed for me to do as a person, as a mother as me =)


    1. Thanks x I really like what you said; that your hands are strong enough to do what you need them to do x

  11. Great post, I love the art work. Gorgeous! I dread to think where my hands of been today, too many dirty nappies and snotty noses to count round here. But then there were the cuddles too… Thanks for making me see beyond the mundane. #sharewithme

  12. The picture is great, it is a real snapshot of a moment, but more unique than a photograph. I haven’t really touched the children today as I’ve had a long day at work, but I will make up for it over half term :)

  13. I think that this has to be one of my favourite posts of yours ever. I love the way it is written and the things you have said Sara, so very very true :) Thank you for linking to both PoCoLo and Prose for Thought lovely lady :) x

  14. PottyMouthedMummy

    Oh I love this, a really simple but beautiful idea. Something I’ve never really stopped to think about about all so true #brilliantblogposts xxx

  15. This is such a good reminder of the fun, amazing stuff. As you say it is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind of what we “have” to do that we forget the fun stuff that we “can” do.

    1. Thank you. It is easy to forget isn’t it? I often need to take a moment on a tough day and remind myself of the good stuff x

  16. Aww this is so eloquently expressed.

    ‘These hands hold their love and trust and safety. Their hopes and dreams.’

    That says it all for me. Sod the washing up and let’s concentrate on that! x

  17. Such a beautiful, moving post. Has made me think I need to create some kind of art work with mine and my kids hands…Thanks so much for joining in with #brilliantblogposts

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