Word of the Week: Bright


Regular readers will know that last week was not a great week, it was a week that left me frustrated. This week however has been so much better!

When trying to decide what word best suited my week I thought about our lovely sunny weekend, about warm sunshine and pleasant walks to and from school. I thought about possible good news on the house hunting front. I thought about the fact that the wee girl has napped a couple of times, which is better than none! I thought about the fact that I took a bit of a break from the blog, limited the number of linkys I joined, and focused on doing some planning, writing and catching up. I thought about the early nights I got as a result :)

I thought about how all these things had made me feel so much more positive. How much brighter my week had been as a result.

So, my word of the week is bright. For the sunshine, for the naps, for the early nights, for the planning and organising, for the positivity and the promising outlook.

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20 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Bright”

    1. Thank you x After a bit of a moan last week, I shook myself off and feel much more positive this week x

  1. So glad this week is going better for you hunny and always sorry to hear you were frustrated last week. Can empathize though. On to happier positive things and I hope next week is even better!!!

  2. Ah, pleased for you Sara! I think I should take a leaf out of your book and try and reign back on the blog front – joining in at least one linky every day really does feel like a lot of pressure – to keep up both the writing and then the reading/commenting and something’s got to give, be it the tasks themselves (which shouldn’t really be classed ‘tasks’ at all) or sleep!

    1. I just wanted to spend a bit more time writing and planning, and when you spend every spare minute commenting, that’s what falls away… earlier nights were good too!

  3. ‘Bright’ is a fab word; so much better than ‘frustrated’! I am glad this week was brighter for you. Sometimes all you need is to take a step back, relax a bit and everything feels a lot less overwhelming. We have such busy lives, it is not easy to switch off, is it? x Mel #WotW

    1. It is definitely a better word :) And, you’re right, it’s hard to switch off sometimes but so necessary x

  4. It’s amazing how a few early nights can really lift our mood (she says, while commenting on blogs at gone half-midnight… :) ) Glad you took a wee break from the blog, if its refreshed you – I love your blog, I really do!
    Bumps & Grind x

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