Make: End of Year Teacher Gifts

Teacher Gifts

It’s that time of year again, the summer vacation is upon us and end of terms events are coming thick and fast! In amongst all that, teacher gifts are required…

This year, group gifts were organised, but the 5yo wanted to give each of his teachers a small gift and a card. So, we put together gift boxes containing some Lindor chocolates (one of my favourites, but mainly chosen as they come individually wrapped!) and a homemade card. The 5yo chose a photo of himself (in case they forget him) and wrote the cards himself. We also made gift tags for each box.

Teacher Gifts 1

Teacher Gifts 2

Teacher Gifts 3

I bought the chocolates and boxes, along with some blank gift tags and some twine. I made up a little ‘thank you’ label (I do love PicMonkey!) and laid everything out for the 5yo.

First he wrote his name on each of the tags and then we stuck the labels on. We then filled each box with yummy chocolates.

The next day the 5yo got to work on making cards. He chose some red card stock and a photo of him climbing! He stuck the pictures on the front of the cards and carefully wrote each of his teachers names in their cards. He dictated a little note to each of them, which I duly wrote in the cards. We popped them in the boxes, and then he wrote another label for each, to stick on the front of the box. Lastly, he helped me tie the gift tags on.

He finished for the year last Thursday and he was thrilled to hand out his homemade gifts to each of his teachers on his last day of school. He’s going to miss them all, but he is very excited to be starting Kindergarten after the summer :)

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26 thoughts on “Make: End of Year Teacher Gifts”

  1. Lucky teachers!! They look amazing :) I did something similar as favours for my wedding – it was boxes likes these with home made truffles and a lottery ticket inside. You’ve just brought back fond memories xx #letkidsbekids

  2. These look great! We will have to start thinking about little presents for Crevette and Beanie’s teachers soon… I will keep your idea in mind, thanks for sharing! Mel

  3. This is so timely! I was looking for way to give my son’s classmate some sweets as its his bday on Thrusday. We dont have a party but since they are nice to him I want to give them something. I will try to do this packaging! Looks sturdy! #LetKidsBeKids

    1. I just bought little boxes in a craft store, a nice inexpensive way of making a small gift look a little more special x

  4. This is a really lovely simple idea. For some reason I am really struggling to know what to get as Luka is leaving preschool and I want to do something a little special for his key worker :)
    x x

  5. So lovely to see something beautifully homemade and I’m sure the teachers’ would have appreciated the time and effort and thought that went into putting these together (plus the Five Year Old looks like he had great fun helping make them!) X

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