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This week has been all about visitors.

Preparing for their arrival. Looking forward to them coming. Excited children asking are they coming today?

My cousin and her husband arrived on Sunday. I used to work with her husband; I introduced them. Her husband is a long time friend of my husbands; they introduced us!

We were very close when we lived in London, and still met up regularly once we moved to Scotland. This is the first time we’ve seen them since we moved to the US.

The last few days have been full of catching up, talking till 1am, the odd glass of wine. There has been a distinct lack of sleep but a lot of fun.

We spent two days back up in New Hampshire, taking them to Storyland; watching their sons enjoy it just as much as our kids do. It’s wonderful to see others love somewhere that you love, and a relief…

Yesterday my sister and her family arrived! So, more preparation, more anticipation :)

The next few days will be spent watching the seven cousins, who rarely see each other, having a ball. They have all been so excited; it is such a pleasure for us parents to watch them play together.

Next Monday my mother arrives to join in the fun… Just as well we bought a big house!

How has your week been, what would you word of the week be?

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    1. I do too, it was something we loved in the UK and we always hosted get togethers. It’s been really fun having a house full of people again :)

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