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This week, I took a little walk around our garden looking at all the flowers that are still in bloom. Stomping around in my welly boots in the heat I felt a bit silly, but my poor legs need protecting from the rather long grass and copious weeds and many spiky things! Not to mention the bugs.

Everyone tells me I should watch the garden for a year before doing anything too major to it; I am happy to do this… I have quite enough to be getting on with!

I’ve already missed loads! I can see lots of dead heads and seed pods already. But, there are also lots of pretty flowers. Some of them need rescuing from the encroaching grass and weeds, but a bit of a tidy up should sort them out.














The back of the garden is crying out for more wildflowers and I am already sizing up areas for my vegetable garden. But, for the moment I am just going to enjoying having a wander (in my wellies!) each week, seeing what comes and goes.

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19 thoughts on “Our Garden: flowers”

  1. You’ve got some lovely blooms going on in your garden, Sara. Mine is beginning to look a bit dry and exhausted from all the summer sunshine and marauding hordes of small feet that have been trampling it on a regular basis since school finished. All the best, Bonny

    1. Thank you :) I have no idea what it is I’m afraid, I’m hoping by posting photos others might start to name things for me! Hydrangeas, hosta and rhododendrons are about all I know…

  2. Those hydrangeas are really really pretty! And it must be nice to have all those colours too. Our garden was empty when we moved in at the end of last year so we just went for it, otherwise the only things to pop up would have been weeds :)

  3. Kriss MacDonald

    Oh it’s going to be a wonderful adventure for you discovering what grows every season and working out what to add and subtract.! Lovely photos too!

  4. Let’s see, I can help with some of the flowers, but not all! The first one, with the three vividly pink flowers after all the lovely colours of hydrangea, I’m not certain of – I think they’re called pinks, but that’s applied to a lot of species. After that, I think, is a variety of tall phlox, harebell, rose (obv!), something I’m not certain of but which actually looks like a wild strawberry flower (but out of season), Queen Anne’s Lace, aster, and black-eyed susan. I also noticed when I visited that you have a rather overgrown Rose of Sharon tree blooming. What an adventure you’ll have exploring it all!

  5. Thats one of the lovely things about acquiring a new garden is the fun of waiting to see what pops up next! Loving the sound of more wildflowers ! Love that pretty hydrangea – enjoy your welly garden walks!
    Thanks for joining in again – lovely to have you back!

  6. I agree that waiting is a good idea – one of my major regrets with our garden was planting things just because we needed plants – some of them are so unsuitable now. Having said that, looking at your garden now it certainly has a lot of beautiful things in it already!

    1. It is full of plants! A bit overgrown to be honest, but it’s wonderful each time I got out as I find something new :)

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