Bake: flower garden cake


I have a new kitchen. And, in my new kitchen I have space for a kitchen table in the window. I am absolutely certain that this will become one of my favourite places.

My sister has been staying with us and it was her birthday about a week ago, so I decided to surprise her with a cake. On Saturday, when everyone went out for the day and I stayed home to have a bit of a general catch up, I baked a cake and set about decorating it.

I sat at my kitchen table with everything laid out around me and found myself humming in pleasure.

I spent a lovely hour creating a flower garden. I couldn’t find my flower cutters (currently lost somewhere in the chaos of the move!) so I used stars instead, but I was rather pleased with the result.

Here’s what I did (and what I used):

1. After baking a basic two layer sponge cake (cheating as usual with a mix!) I layered it with buttercream and raspberry jam.

2. I then rolled out a circle of white ready to roll fondant. I made a circle that was slightly larger than the cake so that it would cover the edges. I dirty iced the top of the cake with buttercream and then laid the fondant down, smoothing it over the edge of the cake.


3. I then mixed ready to roll green and white fondant together for the grass. Alter the proportions to get the colour that you want, I used about 60% white to 40% green.

4. I rolled out strips of the green fondant to a height just taller than the cake so that some of the grass could curl over on to the top of the cake. I then cut different sized triangles out of the top edge to create a varied grass effect. I dirty iced the sides and placed the grass all around, taking some of it up on to the top of the cake. I used a little fondant adhesive to make sure that the grass stuck to the white icing.




5. Once the grass was in place, I used the green fondant (unmixed) to make ‘stalks’ for the flowers and used them to cover the joins in the grass! Again, I used a little fondant adhesive to keep them in place.


6. I then cut out some leaves (by hand) from the same green fondant I had used for the grass.

7. I mixed some pink/white and purple/white fondant and cut out different sized stars in a selection of light pink/dark pink and light purple/dark purple to create a variety of flowers. I would have preferred to use a flower cutter, and if I’d had a little more time I would have made more flowers.


8. I arranged leaves and flowers around the stalks and using a little of the adhesive fixed them in place.


And, that was it. It was well received by my sister and the other family and friends we have staying with us; and with seven children and six adults, it was finished in one sitting. Not a scrap was left!

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18 thoughts on “Bake: flower garden cake”

  1. You are such a great baker and creative too! I love this. Looks so pretty. I haven’t ventured out with making cakes and pretty design tops. lol I will have to try this out. Love the photos. #tastytuesdays

    1. You should definitely give it a go, you are so creative, you’d be brilliant at it. Thank you for such a lovely comment x

    1. Thank you, working with fondant and cutters is really quite easy, and effective. Definitely give it a try x

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