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Each week that passes more, and different, flowers open in the garden. It really is going to be a year of discovery.

This week the star of the show was a huge pale pink and white flower, the blooms are bigger than my hand. I have no idea what it is, and the flowers don’t last long. It’s also in a tricky bit of the garden to photograph without risking a tumble off one of the many stone walls! So, the photos don’t really do it justice…




The rest of the garden continues to surprise me with new flowers.






And, some quite unusual (to me anyway!) plants that are really quite beautiful. I would love to know what this one is?!




Can never resist the hydrangea!


And, what makes it even better is that the sun is still shining :)


Joining in with Annie over at Manneskjur for the wonderful How does your garden grow?

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11 thoughts on “Our Garden: more flowers”

  1. How cool discovering so many plants and flowers blooming in the garden of your new house! Wonderful captures x

  2. So many gorgeous flowers, Sara. Must be wonderful exploring and seeing what blooms next. That top one is lovely, and I can’t really be sure from your photos, but just check images for Bindweed to make sure it’s not that. If it is, you’ll be wanting to get that out as soon as you can – it’s a nightmare! Fingers crossed it’s not! x

  3. How exciting to wait and see what your garden will deliver next! No idea what your first plant is’ but it’s lovely!

  4. I love that things are popping up that you don’t know are there, blooms surprising you, what an exciting time! I’ve no idea what that huge pink and white flower it but it looks magnificent – like a flower fan. Liking the mix of flowers that we get over here and those that I’ve not seen before. Happy days – and seems like a a million miles away from the snow fest I remember you having not that long ago!
    Thanks for joining in again x

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