Childhood Moments: playing with soapy bubbles

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Playing with soapy bubbles

The wee girl recently discovered the sink. More specifically, soapy bubbles in the sink!

Sadly, this does not extend to washing dishes… yet :)

She will, literally, spend an hour at a time standing at the sink; spooning, filling, pouring, splashing. Every so often there will be a cry of more soapy bubbles, peeze and I will need to replenish her supply of bubbles. Again, and again!

Playing in the sink 1

Playing in the sink 2

Playing in the sink 3

I love to see her so engaged in an activity. Each month that passes sees her ability to focus on a task increase.

She is growing up.

Obviously, this gives me a little bit of a break (!), but it also gives me confidence that she is starting to develop the concentration skills that she will need as she becomes more independent. She won’t start preschool until September next year, but I am conscious that this will be a big step for her, having had no experience of nursery, so I am starting to work on the skills that she will need, now.

She is a confident and determined little girl, but listening to (and following) instructions is still a bit hit or miss (and that’s being generous)! Her comprehension is perfect; she chooses to ignore… Just like a two and half year old, really :)

Finding simple activities that she enjoys; that we can turn into a game, a sensory experience or an opportunity to practice her fine motor skills; while increasing the time she stays focused and listening, is great. Even better when it’s something so simple!

But, more importantly, hearing her giggle as she splashes and watching her smile as she fills a tub and successfully pours it into another one, is wonderful. The squeals when she claps soap covered hands together and watches the bubbles fly into the air and float back down, are priceless.

And, the pleasure she gets from such an ordinary activity makes me smile too.

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39 thoughts on “Childhood Moments: playing with soapy bubbles”

  1. It is often the simplest things in life that give us and our children the most pleasure. Soapy bubbles are fascinating things and they vary depending on which soap is used. The bubbles from lathering up a bar of soap are much silkier and finer that dish washing bubbles and bubble bath….And liquid hand soap just isn’t the same.

    I used to get excitied about my children being old enough to wash dishes, but my bubble burst (sorry couldn’t help it!) when I realised that in the end it’s much easier to wash them myself…..But they don’t get away with it that easy, they still have to wash them ruptions and all!

  2. You really can’t beat playing with bubbles. They are so fun and looks like your little one was in heaven here. Great photos. Beautiful #ordinarymoments

    1. The independent bit is great, it’s been tough finding things to engage her. But perhaps it’s as much her age, every month makes a difference!

  3. Admittedly by boys love the blowing bubbles type but as they say, bubbles are bubbles.
    We don’t go a day without being asked for bubbles.
    In case you were as curious as I was my son can say the word “Bubbles” 47 times before getting bored.
    She’ll be washing dishes in no time!

  4. Oh, Little Man likes this one, too! Like wee girl, he starts preschool next September, so I’m conscious of preparing him for that, too. He will concentrate on something like this for quite a while, but the bubbles and water end up all over the floor and him! Lovely photos x

  5. I love how bubbles really entertain little kiddies, she looks like she’s having a lot of fun with it. Z loves bubbles too but he’s recently been saying he doesn’t want them in his bath…”only water”:) Little fusspot!

  6. This sounds like so much fun. Ethan loves bubbles in the bath, I have never thought of putting them in the sink for him. I’m sure most of our water will end up on the floor lol x

  7. Aww she looks like she’s having so much fun! Kitty likes to come and help with the washing up every now and then just to play bubbles – she washed the plastic plates and I do the rest and it’s very companiable standing at the sink chatting!

  8. Lucas says – That looks like some serious messy play about to start. This has plenty of potential; wet floors, water fights, bubble flicking which is one of my personal favourites along with scooping up some bubbles and pretending to ‘sneeze’ them onto the Mother. She loves it…………….. #whatsthestory

  9. Hello there, our little chap absolutely loves bubbles in all their forms-I remember being just the same though I don’t remember it being quite as messy when I was little! It’s great though, indoors and out x #ssamazingachievments

  10. You just can’t beat bubble play and if in time it leads to help with chores then fab!
    Seriously though, it’s a great cause and effect way of playing, lovely pictures too :)
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

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