Make: flower garden painting

Flower Garden Painting

After our flower hunt in the garden last week the wee girl decided that she wanted to do painting with them!

Painting is currently a favourite activity; I think we have painted everyday for the least week! Adding flowers in to the mix gave the wee girl a chance to get a bit more creative, and with mummy wielding the pink glitter glue (because we can’t possibly use ordinary glue now that we have discovered the pink sparkly stuff!) and splodging it as directed, a flower garden started to appear.

She chose pink (of course) and blue paint to get started and very carefully added swirly paint patterns before starting to place the flowers and leaves. I got a row if I put glue in the wrong place, or tried to help in any way! She was completely absorbed by the activity, and it was really lovely to watch as she decided where each flower would go, turning them this way and that until she was happy. The odd bit of tape held things in place as the glue dried, and extra paint was added until finally she announced all done!










The finished product, a flower garden painting…


More abstract interpretation of a garden perhaps, but colourful and pretty nonetheless :)

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17 thoughts on “Make: flower garden painting”

  1. What a sweet thing to do! My little ones would love it. I will have to remember about it next summer (for a bit of outdoor painting).

  2. This is lovely :) We’ve done painting with flowers before and my son adored it! Would love it if you linked this up with Tuesday Tutorials over on my blog too :) x

  3. Aww this is a fantastic idea and I love the end result. I might nick this and give it a go with Meg, I’m sure it’s the kind of beautiful creation she would enjoy making :) Love the concentration going into it as well; pink glitter is a serious business! #MiniCreations

  4. Grace says – This is really beautiful. I’ve recently learnt about 3D art and this is an awesome example. Awesome work lil’ dudette.
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

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