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Our very first project in the garden was to get rid of the old (dangerous!) play structure and to install a new fence. We managed to do this at the end of the summer, and now have a safe play space for the kids to play in.

I blogged about the old play structure here; it was rotten and unsafe, and rather ugly. But, when it came time to get rid of it, it was not going without a fight!


After some initial help from the boys, my husband went at it. Pushing, pulling, lifting and attacking it with a mallet!

Play Space Update 1

Play Space Update 2

Play Space Update 3

Play Space Update 4

After much persuasion, we were left with a pile of wood in the corner of the garden, which now awaits the arrival of a skip… another thing on our very long list of things to do… and a garden space that looked like this :)


Next up was getting the fence installed. This had been my priority from the moment we moved in, and I am so glad to have it done.

The Fence

Fence Completed

Knowing the wee girl can safely play outside has made a huge difference to our days; we actually use the garden now.

And, I love the fence! I chose the grey and white as I hope (!) to paint the house grey, with white trim, next year… Slightly odd, I know, to match the house to the fence, but there we go :)

My husband is now busily building a new play structure, which is going to be amazing, I will blog about that once it’s completed! Which will hopefully be very soon…

This week also sees the start of Project 2 in the garden which is a rather large (huge) excavation project to sort out drainage issues at the back of the house; including removal of soil and rock, installation of a French drain and construction of a new retaining wall. The aim being to stop the garden draining into our house… Watch this space!

And, just because I know you all love the trees, and this post has been sadly lacking in trees, here’s one I took this afternoon. Not quite so sunny today, but I love how half the tree is still green :)


Joining in with Annie over at Manneskjur for the wonderful How does your garden grow?

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16 thoughts on “Our Garden: play space update”

  1. I love colour coordinating your house and fence, definitely not odd! I look forward to seeing your new play structure!!

  2. Yay photos of a man at work, good to see your other half :) It looks like it was a mammoth job!

    That fence makes such a difference and I know just how the knowledge that your garden is secure kid-wise feels. Peace of mind – and just far more relaxing. You guys really are tackling the garden head on, good plans.
    Hope the rock removal goes well and thanks for sharing all this – I can’t believe the difference already!

    1. Thank you! Our landscaper is desperate to get his hands on the whole garden I think, it’s a dream for him, an acre to play with, but we’re reigning him in to the must do items at the moment :) I’ll be showing you a big muddy hole next week…!

  3. Totally makes sense to match your house to your fence :D Looks like you have been super busy, very jealous of your garden it’s looking fab!

    1. It really does Helen, and the new play structure has a lot of grey and white it in too, so it’s going to look so much brighter and cleaner! Now I just need to get to work on the beds and pots… :)

  4. Love all the photos of the play things last stand. For something that looked so rickety it seems to have taken a lot of manpower to pull down. Ironic really, perhaps they should have just played on it ;)
    …and gorgeous tree – thank you! :)

    1. Yes, it put up a fight! The upper structure was still fairly solid, but the ground supports were completely rotten :) Glad you liked the tree!

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