The Prompt: opposites attract

The Prompt 40 - opposites attract

We are very different, you and I.

You’re tall, I’m short.
You’re dark, I’m fair.
You drink coffee, I drink tea.
You eat meat, I don’t.

I do subtle, you do sledgehammer.
I do control, you do laid back.
I do parties, you do quiet.
I do practical, you do romance.

You see only the colours on a snooker table, I see an infinite rainbow.
You think colour palettes are something to store paint on, I use them to design.

You see clutter and think more trash, I see it and think more storage.
You leave jobs unfinished, I hate loose ends.

You see a glass half full, I see it half empty.
You see opportunities, I see problems.

You see black and white, I see shades of grey.
In my world of inference, implication and ambiguity, you are lost.

But together,
We find our hue.
We find our order.
We find our balance.
We find our reality.

I am restless, you are calm.
I am irritable, you are cheerful.

I am paralysed by multiple outcomes, you focus on a single consequence.
I stall at analysis of risks, you trust your gut.

I love fiction, you rely on facts.
I revel in magic and fantasy, you cannot suspend disbelief.

I like vampires, you choose science.
In your world of figures, proof and explicitness, I am lost.

But together,
We find our peace.
We find our solution.
We find our truth.
We find our story.

We are very different, you and I.
But together, we are the same, we are us.

Dedicated to my very long suffering husband.


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15 thoughts on “The Prompt: opposites attract”

  1. A fantastic example of opposites attracting one another! What a lovely poem packed full of heartfelt sentiment. I’d best leave it there, I sense I’m going all Hugh Grant. #theprompt

  2. “We are Us” – what a brilliant line and perfectly sums up the opposites in you both but despite that you act as a whole and work as one. Beautiful poem, Sara

  3. Potty Mouthed Mummy

    Oh I adore this. Especially this bit:

    But together,
    We find our hue.
    We find our order.
    We find our balance.
    We find our reality.

    Just perfect! xx

  4. This is beautiful Sara – what a lovely way to summarise your marriage. Our differences often mean that we complement each other. I love your line about together we are us. Beautiful.

  5. This is lovely – heartfelt and touching. It tells me that you are so much stronger together than you are apart – the ideal marriage and not in a hollywood ‘perfect’ way but a real, normal way. xxx

  6. What’s that saying? The sum is greater than its parts or something. Your poem could have been written to that prompt too. Sounds like a great relationship. Thanks for sharing. #Prose4T

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