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Our long awaited play set is nearing completion, and although not quite there yet, it is being used everyday!

After demolishing the old play structure we ordered a new one!

Many, big boxes were delivered in the middle of September. They sat in front of the garage for a couple of weeks, then moved into the play garden, where they were unpacked before sitting again while it rained for a week… then the big build began.


It is no secret that the boys love to help daddy build stuff, the 5yo in particular. This time though, the wee girl wasn’t missing out on the action, so desperate was she for a swing!

The garden isn’t quite level, so the first job was to create a level base and then build the structure off it.



Once the main part of the play set was built and lifted on to the base the boys got to work helping daddy fit the walls.






The play set remained like this for couple of weeks… lots more rain meant that building had to be put on hold again. But, a big push (spurred on by an impending business trip for my husband!) saw the swings added!




The 5yo was a huge help here, and while I was asked to lend a hand for this bit, I was only allowed to provide support to the beams… the 5yo did all the bolts!

Next it was time to connect the ‘swings’ and the ‘house’. Again, without the boys to help, it would have been a pretty tricky job for my husband.





The kids are thrilled with the swings :)



The last job is to fit the steps, climbing wall and slide. These all need footings because of the levels, so a little more work is required to finish. Hopefully I will return from my trip to the UK (I leave tonight!) to a finished play structure, and three even happier kids :)

I will leave you with a little taste of autumn with a few shots of some of the trees in my garden :)




Joining in with Annie over at Manneskjur for the wonderful How does your garden grow?

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11 thoughts on “Our Garden: play space update”

  1. This is so fantastic! As an owner of a still empty backyard, I can’t wait to have one of these play sets myself. Once my little girl is old enough (she’s getting close!), this will be a definite purchase for my husband and I. I love that your boys helped with the construction. And that picture of your son pushing your daughter in the swing is absolutely precious!

  2. Annie @ Simple Wanderlust

    Wow that’s awesome Sara!!!!

    It’s so good that they enjoy helping in the putting up process, Ozzy has been doing the same here with his daddy whilst our building work is being done. He drilled some holes into a piece of wood, tightened some screws and drew a picture on it in pen before we screwed it into a stud wall – he was made up to have contributed and I really do think it helps children’s self esteem to feel that they have helped and managed a ‘grown ups job’!

    Not only will your kids remember making it but also they’ll have load of fun playing and making memories – it really is a fab structure! I wish we had things like that here!!!

    Thanks for joining in and sharing (and loving the leaves vs blue sky shots). Did I see you had snow at the weekend ?!?!?!

  3. The Giggles Family

    It’s gorgeous! Wish we had a big enough garden and weren’t moving in a few months cause if want one! Cute helpers too x

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