The Prompt: a letter

The Prompt 44

She held the letter in her hand.

How did he know?

She looked around her; at a room that seemed to belong to someone else. Objects collected by another her, in another time, crowded each surface. Meant to bring comfort, but instead bringing only a sense of disconnection.

She must put it to one side, forget, pretend the letter had never arrived. Let this day pass as it was meant to.

He shouldn’t be here.

She stood and walked to the window. Below her the city spread out; beautiful, uniform, fierce. She knew that today was pivotal, a moment of potential, of possibility; that action now would bring change.

She reread the letter. Memories, long held within, resurfaced, threatening to drown her.

I must be strong.

She looked out over the city again, crowds were gathering. Expectation hung heavy in the air. She could not fail them.

But, the letter! How could she leave, knowing that he had returned? That she wasn’t alone; that she was leaving something behind after all?

It is too late.

The city needed this, without her they would not survive the coming storm. Her surrender, her sacrifice, would blunt the rage.

It was her duty. She walked to door and nodded to the attendants. The letter dropped to the floor.

It is time.


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18 thoughts on “The Prompt: a letter”

  1. Love this story Sara, especially the description of the room bringing a sense of disconnection and the description of the city. It left me wanting to know more – who was the ‘he’ referred to in the letter, how was she sacrificing herself. My imagination painted a picture of a Roman or Greek arena and a human sacrifice but perhaps I have been watching too many episodes of Atlantis!

  2. Potty Mouthed Mummy

    Love it, it makes me wonder about all the other pieces that fit with this to make the story. Fab writing as ever xx

  3. Ooh, very mysterious. I’m conjuring up some kind of fantasy, futuristic, dystopian-type story here. A lovely little teasing piece, leaving us all wondering! Thanks for linking up with #FridayFiction

  4. Please tell me you’re writing more. The contents of the letter and the recipient is intriguing to me. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Brilliant little piece. I felt like I was right there but at the same time am left with as many questions as I had answers! Finally got round to writing my post – it’s not quite what I’d thought I’d be writing but I like it :) xx

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