Our Garden: the digging continues

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Last month I wrote about the start of our first major landscaping project. It has been going well over the past month, when the weather has cooperated, and is nearing completion!

So, we went from this:

Back Garden Before

To this:

Back Garden Today

Now we have new ground drainage and retaining wall! And with the rain we’ve had to test the drainage, it seems to be working well… Progress has looked like this:

The excavation eventually hit rock, as expected and the jackhammer came out!

Hitting Rock

Drainage laid, with hardcore over, and gravel filled trench for wall…

Foundations and Trenches 1

Foundations and Trenches 2

Ready for the Wall

Building of the new retaining wall begins…

The Building Begins

Layer of hardcore…


Topsoil arrives…

Topsoil 1

Topsoil 2

Ready for the edging gravel…

Edging Ready

And, this is how it looks right now (well, not at this precise moment, as it’s currently covered in snow!):

Current Status

I think it is looking fantastic. Although I miss the green and the plants, these can be replaced, and I don’t miss the standing water damaging our house!

I can really visualise the lower and upper terraces now. The lower terrace will be turfed with a gravel edge, and the upper terrace levelled and reseeded. I am already imagining beautiful shrubs in pots along the bottom of the retaining wall and new plants adjacent to the top of the wall. And once the house is painted grey, it will all tie together nicely…

These plans will all need to wait for spring, but it is amazing to have such a big project almost complete. It has transformed the back of the house; it already feels cleaner (despite still being rather muddy!) and more contemporary.

While I want to retain the character of the house, I want to complement the original features and create a beautiful, easy to maintain (!) outdoor space.

I have lots of ideas and I am finding myself truly excited about my garden. It’s still all a bit overwhelming (I’m planning a post on ‘the rocks’ next…) but it has the potential to be something really quite special.

Although I suspect for the immediate future it is likely to just be snow covered :)

Joining in with Annie over at Mammasaurus for the wonderful How does your garden grow? Not that mine is actually doing much growing at the moment, but hey ho!

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20 thoughts on “Our Garden: the digging continues”

    1. Well, this first snow was pretty early, so I’m hoping we won’t see anymore until at least Christmas… but we’ll see!

    1. Progress is really good, we’re really pleased with the work that’s been done. I am looking forward to planting :)

    1. Yes, the drainage is good, and is after all the main priority of the work, but I’m pleased with how it all looks too :)

  1. Oh my what a change – and such hard work too, you really are going for it! I bet it makes a huge difference having that clean space at the back now.
    I know just how depressing having a mud bath out the back is at the moment – hard work going on here too. Just think though this time next year and we’ll both have finished all the outside work and be admiring our new spaces :)
    Thanks for sharing Sara, it’s great to see how work there is progressing x

    1. I know, I keep thinking about how different the garden is going to feel next summer, I’m sure you’re the same. It will all be worth it in the end :)

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