Our Garden: the rock is revealed

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As winter approaches and the trees lose their leaves, rock is revealed. Our garden has amazing rock formations. And, we’re not talking little boulders here, we have rocky outcrops; cliffs in the making, and climbing walls of the future…

While they may not be plants, they are a significant part of our garden and over the next year working around them, and enhancing the various terraces created by them, will be a key part of our planning.

So, I give you our rocks..!











But, of course, I couldn’t leave you without a tree or two :)



Joining in with Annie over at Mammasaurus for the wonderful How does your garden grow?

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14 thoughts on “Our Garden: the rock is revealed”

  1. Your garden must be massive. Very jealous but keep the pics coming. I love the ideas you have about what to do with them. Your own personal climbing wall, that really does sound fun :-)

    1. It is quite big, although in honesty, I’m really not sure what to do with it all! Quite a large part of it is covered in rock though :) My husband would love to make a climbing wall… Perhaps when the kids are a little older – could be fun for a Scout activity!

  2. Wow, they are some serious rocks! Definitely great future climbing material! My 4 year old would love them :) I’ll be interested to see how you incorporate them into your (what must be a massive!) garden :) #hdygg

    1. Our boys think they’re great! The garden is quite big, but rather a lot of it is covered in rock :) It’s going to fun working out what to do at the bottom of them to make the most of the areas…

  3. How flipping awesome is all that rock? I would have LOVED to have had something like that in our garden when I was growing up (and now for that matter of fact!)
    I love how you are planning around it and embracing it – and how much room you have Sara – thank you for sharing and joining in again x

    1. Thanks Annie, it’s going to be a great garden for the kids once we’ve made it all a little safer, and less mud bath like :)

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