Our Garden: in the rain

Our Garden in the Rain

I’ve been a bit despondent about the weather this week. Cold I can deal with, but torrential rain? I miss walking to school, I miss playing in the garden.

It’s just miserable; everything is water logged. Everywhere is flooded. Thankfully our new drainage is working, but the amount of rain this week has sump pumps all over town working overtime; pipes discharging gallons of water from overwhelmed basements to street level are a common sight this week.

I can’t walk around to the back of our house without sinking, ankle deep, into mud. Our sump pump is still going strong. We’ve identified a need for new drainage at the back of our garage…

But, in a brief respite from the (heavy) rain yesterday I took a wander around the less muddy parts of the garden. The water droplets sparkled as the sky lifted to a paler grey, and while I would dearly love the rain to stop, there is something quite beautiful about rain soaked leaves and berries.










I will be glad when the rain stops though, even if it means snow!

Joining in with Annie over at Mammasaurus for the wonderful How does your garden grow?

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17 thoughts on “Our Garden: in the rain”

  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear about all the rain. Rain is the only type of weather that really gets me down when we have too much of it and it sounds like you are having enough for everyone there are the moment :(
    On the plus side it does look super pretty on the plants, not only does it look good but you kind of know that it’s doing the plants good too :)

    Hope you get your drainage sorted soon and that the sun comes out! Thanks for joining in again Sara x

    1. The sun has finally come back out, which is a relief. Relentless rain really is thoroughly depressing! And, looking for a positive, it is showing which bits of our ground drainage are working and which aren’t :)

  2. Glad to hear the new drainage is working. Love the look of the rain on the berries, the drops look like glass beads. We’ve had a break from rain over the last couple of days but the shady garden at the back still hasn’t dried out fully.

  3. The rain does give the leaves a nice waxy sheen and it seems to have been a good test of your recent work but, it’s soul destroying when it doesn’t stop isn’t it? Hopefully there’ll be some respite from it soon and those bright, clear but cold days are back #hdygg

  4. Heavy rains are so depressing, but at least you know the drainage works! And raindrops do look pretty, even if you need to get a little muddy to appreciate them

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