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More Painting

Regular readers will know that the wee girl has developed a real love of painting. The paints come out most days; and random, splodgy pictures are produced.

Sometimes the effects she creates are really quite pretty and if I can extract the painting before it becomes a grey-brown soup of colour, then we end up with some fridge worthy pieces!

On this occasion I gave her some foam paint spreaders as well as brushes. She promptly removed the foam ends and just used the handles, putting paint on the ends and then using them to create patterns in the paint.

As this resulted in painty fingers she also added some finger-painting into the mix.





It is always interesting to see what her choice of colours will be. Generally pink and purple win, but she is starting to ask for other colours too, in this case blue and orange. I do love to see her so engaged with an activity, and I was quietly impressed with her finished masterpiece this time :)

The Masterpiece

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11 thoughts on “Make: more painting”

    1. Oh yes, we’ve been doing a lot of painting recently. This particular masterpiece was done a little while ago as evidenced by the green garden visible in the background ;)

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  2. Grace says – I am LOVING the colours in this painting – well done wee girl xx
    The Mother says – The Tate Modern better watch out. There’s a new talent in town! Awesome job xx
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

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