Alphabet Photography Project: E is for Eyelashes

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E is for Eyelashes

I feel that I have become slightly obsessed with the snow, and not a little grumpy.

At the weekend my husband created an epic sledge run in our garden.

I was aware of the squeals of delight even before my 5yo came inside to get me so that I could witness the awesomeness.

A face full of snow is a small price to pay in return for flying down the hill and skidding to a halt in a snow bank!

This face, with its icy eyelashes, made me feel a lot less grumpy.

Running in Lavender
Truly Madly Kids

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27 thoughts on “Alphabet Photography Project: E is for Eyelashes”

  1. He could be an Artic explorer. Maybe not quite, but I bet he felt like one. Your snow sounds so much fun and I am green with envy. We have had a mere sprinkling and hard frosts and that is it. Please feel free to divert your next snow storm over here. #AlphabetPhoto

    1. I’m trying to see past the annoyance to the fun… the kids are certainly enjoying, when they can actually get out in it!

  2. This is an awesome shot! I almost *almost* wish we had a bigger yard with a hill for the kids to use… but on the other hand the drifts are so high they’ve been enjoying looking into ground floor windows or over the back fence (a good 7-8 feet) off the ground…

  3. Wicked World of Lucas

    What a fab photo. I love how close you’ve managed to get to capture the snow on his eyelashes. #alphabetphoto

  4. Elizabeth - Little White Feathers

    Oh Sara – what a lovely capture. I’m so sorry you’re still snowed under…you must be yearning for some greenery! X X

  5. Oh wow love how you captured the snow on his eyelashes. I’m so jealous of all your snow, we’ve only had a sprinkling for a few hours. Have a great weekend sledging!!

    Thank you so much for linking up xxx

  6. Megan - Truly Madly Kids

    I can well imagine why you are sick of the snow but when you get pictures like this …! Wonderful image. Thank you for linking to #iotw

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