The Prompt: Solitary

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Surrounded by noise,
and discordant,
Laughter raucous,
and jarring.

A wish for peace.

Surrounded by people,
and alone.
Conversation flowing,
and isolating.

A yearning for solitude.

Surrounded by warmth,
and suffocating.
Concern evident,
and refused.

A need for independence.

I am both gregarious and solitary. As happy in company as I am in my own company. This often feels like a contradiction, but my need to be alone does not dampen my enjoyment of time spent with others. My appreciation of calm does not quell my desire for excitement; my love of quiet allows me to revel in noise. I am as likely to be found in solitary silence as I am in the clamour of a crowd; I am as comfortable to be unnoticed as I am to be the centre of attention. As a parent, time alone can be hard to come by, and is perhaps all the more important for that. I will continue to embrace the noisy chaos of my family just as I value my solitary moments; for they make me who I am.


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15 thoughts on “The Prompt: Solitary”

  1. Beautiful, thought provoking words lovely. Sounds like you’re finding it all a bit much at the mo. Not surprising with the house renovations and three kids and endless snow. Sending you lots of hugs. Hope you have a great weekend xxx

  2. Potty Mouthed Mummy

    Love this and completely get it. I need peaceful moments alone, then I crave loud time with friends and family. Could never live without the other. xx

  3. That was a lovely poem. I’m very much like you. I enjoy the silence and serenity as much as I enjoy the chaos and boisterous. Your words sum up the contradiction in such a perfectly beautiful manner. Thank you for hosting The Prompt today! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  4. I love all the contrasts in your poem – the result is something very balanced, even if the emotions expressed are uncomfortable at times. I’m definitely starting to appreciate time alone much more since becoming a mum – not that it happens very often! Xx

  5. Lovely poem and I knew exactly what you were trying to convey. DIdn’t need much explanation, but I understand entirely. Time alone is precious but time with the kids is so so special. Thakns for hosting.

  6. Yearning for solitude.

    I can totally relate. Even if its just for 5 minutes ( just to pee without an audience). Such beautiful words, so well written.

  7. I love the mix of emotions your poem conveys. Motherhood is so noisy I agree, but when I do get those very welcome moments of quiet I find myself missing the children – it makes no sense! x

  8. Brilliantly written you’re very talented Sara. I’m much happier in the company of others. I always look forward to a quiet night on my own but then when it happens, I just feel a bit bereft! x

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