Make: toilet roll octopus

Make: toilet roll octopus tutorial

Our Tuesday morning playdate craft sessions have become a regular occurrence; I wrote about our paper plate butterfly last week, this week we have a toilet roll octopus!

Another quick and easy craft (albeit allowing for some drying time…), and another fun activity.

You will need:
Toilet roll tube
Paint and brushes
Googly eyes/marker pen

First of all you need to cut strips into the toilet roll tube to make the legs. I cut on opposite sides for each new cut to keep the legs an even width.

Octopus Step 1

Next, paint your octopus. Surprisingly (not) the wee girl chose pink and purple…

Octopus Painting 1

Octopus Painting 2

Octopus Painting 3

Octopus Painting 4

Once the octopus (and table and hands) are suitably drenched in paint, leave to dry for awhile… or in our case about a week as they had so much paint on them!

When they are dry enough to take glue, add googly eyes and dots on to the tentacles for the suckers. You could use anything you like for this; stickers, sequins, beads; we used shiny confetti dots.

Octopus Step 2

Octopus Sticking 1

Octopus Sticking 2

Octopus Sticking 3

Octopus Sticking 4

After splodging glue herself for the first few dots, the wee girl claimed her hands were tired… so I splodged (under instruction) and she stuck!

Again, leave to dry and then add finishing touches to the face (you could also draw eyes if you don’t have any googly ones to hand). I was told that we needed a happy face, a sad face and a moustache…?!



Someone was very pleased with her family of octopuses :)

My Octopus

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16 thoughts on “Make: toilet roll octopus”

  1. They are so cute! What a great idea, we’ve made several loo roll animals, but not tried an octopus yet, it’s now on our to-do list! :) xx

  2. Gude @HodgePodgeCraft

    These are so fun (I especially love the one with the moustache)!
    Thank you for sharing at #Pintorials :)

  3. Lucas says – I really like Octopuses – they always make me giggle and this is such a cool one. And it looks like this got a bit messy too. My kind of fun!!!!! Thanks for linking to #minicreations

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