Summer: scooting

Summer: scooting

This summer has seen the dynamic in our family change. The 9yo is older, more responsible. The 6yo is as enthusiastic as ever! And the wee girl, well she is no longer a toddler. She is a little girl.

Now without stroller and changing bag, our outings have become easier and lighter! And, she can keep up. We can walk, we can swim. And, we can scoot.

Scooting 1

The boys have always loved to take their scooters to Breakheart Reservation, where there are bike paths through the forest and around the lakes. Up until now, the wee girl has often been confined to the stroller so that we can keep up with her brothers.

No more. She can now scoot along with them :)

Scooting 2

Scooting 3

Scooting 4

Scooting 5

To be fair, the scooting could have happened months ago, but she is not a child that likes to stop when you say stop, so scooting anywhere near a road would have been too much for my blood pressure.

Having the luxury of time over the vacation to head off road, somewhere safe, has allowed us to give her more freedom.

To see the joy in her face as she does something like the boys.

This is just one of many moments recently that have made me stop. Made me realise how much our little family is growing up.

It makes the future exciting, opening up so many possibilities and expanding our opportunities for adventure.

But, it also makes me nostalgic.

I have always been one to look forward; to enjoy each milestone for the change it brings. I have always been excited for each new stage, not sad at the previous one ending.

However, I do find myself more aware than ever that our children are getting older. The 9yo becoming ever more independent, the 6yo growing more and more confident. The wee girl starting preschool. In two weeks!

I don’t often want to press pause, but right now I would really love to.

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9 thoughts on “Summer: scooting”

  1. Oh bless her, she’s concentrating so hard! Would you believe my 18m is already desperate to do everything the girls are doing… It’s been an interesting summer so far ;-)

    1. I would absolutely believe it, the wee girl has been trying to do the same as her brothers since she learned to walk :)

  2. I love your optimistic look on life, I must stopped being sad for the past as like you say, as they grow up it opens so many more possibilities. There so many times when I want to press pause, especially as we’re nearing the end of family days out with my teenager. #whatsthestory

  3. How fab is it to see Wee Girl off scooting with her brothers? She looks so pleased that she’s finally able to do it. I can agree with you on the pause button my youngest about to start secondary school and my oldest in his final year of A Levels. Popping in from What’s the story

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