The Prompt: Milestone

The Prompt 100: Milestone

The 100th prompt. A significant event! A milestone. For me, anyway. And also, an opportunity to say thank you.

Because without all of you, there would be no Prompt.

I published the first prompt on 26 January 2014. I can’t quite believe that two years later it’s still going, and I’ve come up with 100 different prompts!

Week 52 saw me look back over my first year. I took the opportunity to reflect and choose a few of my favourite posts.

Just like the first year, this past year has seen an amazing collection of posts linked up. So many inspiring, thought provoking, beautiful words. It is a real honor to host; and I honestly can’t begin to choose my favourites.

I tried, the list was just too long.

So instead, I will thank you in verse.

And, because I never do, for this special 100th edition of The Prompt I’ve attempted to rhyme…

It’s quite an occasion
and there is much cause
to reflect on our words,
take a moment to pause.

To consider our writing,
these stories and notions
laid bare on the page:
our thoughts and emotions.

Our history recorded
through poems and prose,
our memories captured
in these posts we compose.

Whether writing for fun
or to get through the days,
our creations have power
as we style and spin tales.

So thank you for joining
each week and inspiring,
I am honoured to host:
you are simply amazing.

[And this is why I don’t rhyme :)]

Thank you to everyone who links up, regularly or occasionally. Your involvement, and the kind words you leave, mean the world to me.

Here’s to another year of fabulous writing!





25 thoughts on “The Prompt: Milestone”

  1. 100 prompts is quite a milestone and I’ve loved joining in with some of them. Love your poem saying thank you in rhyme to everyone who has joined in – it’s funny how people are comfortable with different forms of verse isn’t it? I never know quite where to begin with non-rhyming poetry and yet for you, it is what you are more comfortable with. Thank you for hosting and for helping inspire me and I’m looking forward to joining in with many more prompts in the future! :-)

    1. Thank you Louise, I love having you join in, so look forward to seeing you when you’re able. I think I need to practice the rhyming thing a bit more ;)

  2. Congratulations on a fabulous milestone, Sara! Thank you so much for the Prompt. I look forward to it every week, and think it’s produced some of my best work because the prompts have encouraged me to reach a different part of my creativity xxx #theprompt

    1. Thank you Leigh. I’m so glad that you enjoy it, I love the pieces that you write. In fact, this comment really sums up why I started The Prompt in the first place, and that makes me very happy xx

  3. Lovely poem! I’ve joined occasionally and love reading the posts here! Well done on reaching an important milestone! Congratulations! I can only imagine the perseverance that goes into running this kind of a linky!

    1. Thank you Suchitra. I really love reading everyone’s posts, and I enjoy writing mine. Can’t quite believe it’s been going for so long though!

  4. Congratulations, Sara! 100 is a quite a feat and I’m happy to have been a small part of it! I love joining for the connections and the great writing showcased. This group you’ve created has given me the confidence to write (and re-write) a novel, shared poetry for my daughter and other mothers, and just be inspired. So as much as I appreciate your gratitude towards us, I’m even more indebted to you and the prompt–for the talent and creativity it’s introduced me to, but most of all for the courage it’s given me to at least share my words with others…

    So here’s to a 100 more prompts and even more years of beautiful writing, rhyming or not!

    1. Thank you Maria. And, I’m very happy that you’re part of it too! Thank you so much for such kind words, it means the world to me.

  5. This is definitely a huge achievement and I am so chuffed to be linking up on a much more regular basis since I finished the other set of prompts I started last year! I love your poem – and I love that you have rhymed it! It is great to see that from you (I would have written something about perspiring at the end myself but I think that would have ruined the effect!!). Thank you for hosting – I am poised and ready for this week xx

    1. Ha! That’s brilliant, and why you are so good at rhyming, and I am less so :) It’s so lovely to have you joining in Vicky, here’s to many more prompts!

  6. Congratulations on your Milestone. From me a thank you for hosting and thinking of a prompt each week. It gives me the inspiration to write something new and really get my creative writing skills going too. Even if I do always link up a little late!
    Each week I read posts that are wonderfully written, emotional, thought provoking and all with a different approach to the prompt. A brilliant little community you have created.
    I think you did pretty well rhyming there! He He!

    1. Ah, thank you Becky. I’m so glad you enjoy it, and I’m very pleased that you join in. I love the community that has built up, and I absolutely love reading the posts each week x

  7. Congratulations! What a great milestone to be celebrating and you must be so happy to have reached such a point. I do enjoy your poetry and, as always, you hit the nail on the head – it’s all about the ‘writing for fun or getting through the day and spinning tales’ Even if I don’t link up every week *more lack of organisation on my part than anything else* it’s always great to be prompted and read your prompts. They’re always so very creative.
    Well done & thanks for hosting

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