The Prompt: Motion

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The Prompt 124: Motion

The act of survival
keeps us searching
for an answer,
to the fear
that stops
us living with a will
to keep on moving,
even as we slow
to grasp the meaning
in a moment,
and in that respite
find the truth
of possibility
in motion.

© Sara Murray, 22 September 2016





6 thoughts on “The Prompt: Motion”

  1. The truth of possibility in motion… So much to unravel in the few short words you have written here. Fear, hope, being present and keeping moving forward. Lovely.

    And thanks for the Prompt. It’s my first time joining in.

  2. Beautifully written as always! We keep moving despite the fear to find truths in the moment! So much said in this & I think people will take a different view on what it means to them which is what good poetry does!

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