The Prompt: Comfort

The Prompt 125: Comfort

The warming hug of a cup of tea
The inviting smell of fresh bread
The welcoming voice of home
There is comfort in security

The quiet smile of understanding
The rewarding ring of praise
The perfect word of reassurance
There is comfort in trust

The relieving arm of surrender
The soothing balm of sacrifice
The freeing light of forgiveness
There is comfort in strength

The luxurious calm of an embrace
The enveloping cradle of safety
The tender laughter of affection
There is comfort in love

© Sara Murray, 29 September 2016





9 thoughts on “The Prompt: Comfort”

  1. This is a lovely poem, so soothing to read and I love your final verse & the “luxurious calm of an embrace”
    There is is calm all around, sometimes we just have to search a bit harder to find it!

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