The Prompt: Appreciate

The Prompt 133: Appreciate

There’s a colour to the touch
of your hand as you pass by,
warm like golden sunshine,
the sensation savoured as it
lingers, rich in tone and
treasured more than fortune.

An unexpected kiss blooms like
a surprise bouquet, bought
on a whim for no reason more
than love, and prized for this alone.
While the random how are yous that
punctuate my day, wrapping ’round
like arms, are cherished for their care.

No complaints are uttered when
the list is endless, and rescue
always offered, when the day is long.
Nothing of importance is lost
amongst the chaos, and for all the
thankless tasks completed,
I thank you for your patience.

There’s an honour in the acts that
celebrate our lives, remembering
the details that we hold in deep
affection, as devotion covers all
in a blanket of esteem, protecting
as it strengthens our appreciation.

© Sara Murray, 24 November 2016



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3 thoughts on “The Prompt: Appreciate”

  1. Some beautiful images in this poem. I particularly like the line “There’s an honour in the acts that celebrate our lives”. It reminds me of the same sentiment from the end of Middlemarch. #theprompt

  2. I love this, especially the last verse – such a heart-warming reminder of what it is to be thankful for what others bring to our lives. Pleased to be linking up with #theprompt after such a long break – its been a while since I’ve managed to write a thing! Thanks as ever for the inspiration :)

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