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Every year I promise myself I will be organised for Christmas. Every year, I’m not. So, when it comes to teacher gifts I always need something super quick and easy to allow the kids to add a personal touch. I love this super easy Christmas card craft, it ticks all the boxes!

Super easy Christmas card craft project 6
All you will need is:

Red/green/Christmas (or any colour/pattern!) card stock
White cards and envelopes (I picked up a pack of plain cards in my local craft store)
Star stickers

Super easy Christmas card craft project 1
Cut strips of card in varying lengths to create your Christmas tree shape. For younger children, lay the pieces out in the correct pattern to allow them to copy the template. Glue the strips of card stock on to your blank card. Leave to dry for a few minutes. Choose your star and top your tree.

Super easy Christmas card craft project 2
Super easy Christmas card craft project 3
Super easy Christmas card craft project 4
Super easy Christmas card craft project 5
And, there you have it: a cute, hand made, Christmas tree card!

Super easy Christmas card craft project 6
Super easy Christmas card craft project 6
My little girl loves to make things, and REALLY loves to give her hand made creations as gifts. These Christmas cards saved me last year when I realized that we only had a couple of days left to get organized before the end of term.

It took me a few minutes to cut the strips of card, and it was simple enough that my daughter (then aged three) was able to do all the gluing and sticking herself. Granted, we got more glue on the cards than we needed, and it was a little messy… But the glue dries clear, and hands can be washed. She was so thrilled that the cards were her own work.

My sons also made cards for their teachers. They loved them because they were fast!

This year I might go for a different colour scheme and perhaps add baubles or garlands (unless I run out of time again!). I’m also planning other shapes using the same technique… Baubles, bells, stars… Lots of possibilities to create a unique and personal Christmas card for family and friends!

Super easy Christmas card craft project 8

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5 thoughts on “Make: Easy Christmas Card Craft”

  1. Hi Sara, what perfect cards for little ones to make. Simple, but effective. I reckon your little girl will be up for adding baubles this year, but do you have enough glue?


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