The Prompt: Courage

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The Prompt 135: Courage

Courage in the fear
and the art of living
Courage in the spirit
and the heart of giving
Courage in the wishing
and the daring to be different
Courage in the leaping
and the seizing of the moment
Courage in acceptance
and the strength to ignore
Courage in the mercies
gladly given to restore

© Sara Murray, 8 December 2016





3 thoughts on “The Prompt: Courage”

  1. You’ve really captured everything that courage is. It’s bringing together our opposite emotions, feelings and actions, into a whole. We have it without shhowing and sometimes use it without knowing..

  2. I love the simplicity and complexity of this. You’ve captured what being courageous is all about, whichever so many things and different to all. Particularly like the line “in the wishing and the daring to be different”

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