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When I gave you all a first peek of our garden I mentioned that one of our first projects was going to be to create an enclosed, safe garden space for the kids.

In our previous house the garden was open to the road and with an adventurous toddler, prone to running, I wasn’t able to let all the children out in the garden with out hovering over them. I desperately want to give them all a bit more freedom, especially the wee girl, and allow them to play outside in the way that they choose; without interference from me.

While the rest of the garden will be wonderful for the boys, once the wilderness has been tamed ever so slightly, it isn’t yet safe for the wee girl to wander alone. I really want an area that she can play in; exploring, experimenting, getting muddy; independently!

So, we have ordered the fence! This will enclose the area directly at the back of the house, which is accessed through the patio doors in the kitchen. This area is walled to one side already and the plan is to put in a new side gate on the other side of the house, and run a fence straight from there (as much as the trees allow!) to the back fence.

Before it is installed though, we need to do some work! So I thought I would give you an idea of what this ‘back’ garden looks like now… You will then be suitably impressed by the transformation… *hopeful voice*!

The patio doors currently open into a small fenced area, we’re not quite sure why!



We will be replacing the old side gate with a more secure one!


There are various random items that we need to get rid of, although we will reuse the pots (and the snow shovel!).




It would have been wonderful if the old swing set frame had been salvageable (repaired, lick of paint), but the wood is rotten at the bottom, so it’s unsafe.



It did however provide some interesting photo opportunities! Although, I have to say the tinkling bells are rather too reminiscent of a bad horror movie for my liking…






Sadly, we will no longer have this view from the back garden, but we have plenty of other spots in the garden to take in the view from :)


Once the climbing frame and other rubbish have been removed we will tidy up/cut back the plants and the grass. We will also need to level part of the area, where it drops away to the back fence, once the new fence is installed and we can properly gauge the low spots.

Ultimately the black fence at the back door will be removed and a deck added to replace the patio area. Then, of course, we’ll have pretty flowers, neat lawn, new climbing frame, sun lounger…

For the moment though the priority is to create a clean, safe, enclosed garden. The nice to haves can wait!

Joining in with Annie over at Manneskjur for the wonderful How does your garden grow?

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12 thoughts on “Our Garden: the first project”

  1. Such a shame the swing set was rotten but I agree I wouldn’t have liked the bells either! It sounds like it will be lovely and i’m sure the wee girl is going to love her independence :-)

  2. such a wonderful looking house and what a big yard!! looks like you have some work cut out for you but how great it will be when all done. our old rental home didn’t have a fence either and was all open. i never felt safe letting our daughter just play in the yard. our new rental however has a fence all around the yard and what a difference it makes!

    1. An enclosed yard will make such a difference to our days, my daughter loves to be outside, but at the moment she can only be there when I am too and that’s really limiting. Being able to see her from the kitchen and know that she can’t escape will make a massive difference to both our days x

  3. That looks like a major project, but so much potential! What a lovely idea to create a safe area for the wee girl, I look forward to catching up on progress.
    Can see what you mean about that random little fenced bit by the door, what’s the point? And can just imagine the swing creaking in a horror film!

  4. The swing set looks like it would have been good fun, shame it was rotten and I agree with you about the bells! I bet your kids will love running around that big garden.

  5. I’m with you on the bells! So great to read how enthusiastic you are setting off on your garden journey. It’s often the first jobs that are the more practical ones. Will be fab once its done – peace of mind for you not having to worry about who’s where and when so much :)

    Thanks for sharing again – I’m looking forward to seeing how you get on!

    1. I just can’t wait to have a garden space for the wee girl, I’m so excited about it, and really keen to get it sorted as soon as possible. Then, I can get to work taming the rest of the garden a bit so that the boys can start to roam :) Thanks for hosting x

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