Word of the Week: Subdued


After such a busy few weeks, this week was always going to feel a bit quiet. But, I think that the word that best sums it up is subdued.

It has been less intense. It has felt quieter but also less colourful, less vibrant.

Not in a bad way; in a calm and slightly muted way. In all honesty, we needed the break. There is only so long that anyone can function in full-on mode. I had reached my limit.

We are also coming to the end of the holidays, preparations for the return to school have begun.

That feeling of things coming to an end has begun to swirl over our days and I am just glad that my mother is here to give the children, and me, a reason to make the most of these last couple of weeks of vacation rather than wish them away.

The days are still bright and sunny, we still have time together before routine returns; we may all be somewhat subdued, recovering from busy weeks passed and looking forward to a relaxed run into the excitement of back to school; but we’re not ready to say goodbye to summer yet.

How has your week been, what would your word of the week be?

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10 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Subdued”

  1. Yes, I know the feeling. Sometimes I just have to sit quietly and take a bit of time to process what’s been happening. It’s really full-on when the little ones are at home – in a good way, but exhausting nonetheless. All the best for getting your batteries recharged for the final furlong of the holidays, Bonny

  2. The back to term blues!!
    But you’re right! So many gorgeous sunny days and evenings to come!
    Actually these are some of my favorite – sitting outside with friends – the ones who don’t have kids that is (families with bedtimes left 2 hrs ago)! ;-)

  3. I think I too have hit a subdued quieter week. One that comes before another family-filled frenzy, but one that comes towards the end of the holidays, which this year I have enjoyed more than any other. The sort that makes you ponder home schooling…

  4. We’ve had a much quieter week too, but it was *so* needed!! I can’t believe how fast time is flying…only two weeks left here. Really don’t want my 5yo to go back to school!!

    Hope you have a more upbeat weekend lovely xxx #WotW

  5. Potty Mouthed Mummy

    I think there’s definitely a limit on all the excitement you can fit in. Every now and then you need a subdued few days to collect yourselves x

  6. That sounds a very apt word for you. It’s great that your mum is still there, so you can all still make the most of the end of the holidays, as well as looking forward to the changes. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  7. Mhairi LittleHands

    I do love weeks like that. No clock watching or chasing the boys to get ready. Enjoy before the school madness begins again. x

  8. Cappuccino Mumma (@CappuccinoMumma)

    We have two weeks left of the summer holiday, we have had a bitter sweet summer, but great being with my children. My word this week is Peace… #WOTW

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