Our Garden: the Easter egg bush

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One afternoon the boys came running in to the house. Mummy, you have to come and see this, we’ve found an Easter egg bush!

To be fair to them, the berries do look rather like Cadburys Mini Eggs…

Easter Egg Bush 1

Easter Egg Bush 3

Easter Egg Bush 4

Easter Egg Bush 5

Easter Egg Bush 2

Our garden continues to surprise me. Each week there is something new to see. As I stomp around in my wellies, wading through the unkempt grass, it is fascinating. There will be gorgeous flowers or interesting seed pods, new berries at every turn, changing leaves and colours. As we come into fall the character of the garden is changing again and it is wonderful.

My sister bought me a fabulous gardening book for my birthday, and I wander the garden trying to identify the plants and trees; what is it, is it a weed, should it stay, how on earth do I take care of it?! My saving grace is that this mature garden seems to be taking good care of itself at the moment, so other than keeping it tidy, I can leave most of it be until next spring.

I will keep my projects small until then, starting with clearing the kids new play area and planting some bulbs… After all, give it another couple of months and it could all be covered in three feet of snow :)

Joining in with Annie over at Manneskjur for the wonderful How does your garden grow?

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27 thoughts on “Our Garden: the Easter egg bush”

  1. This is beautiful. It really does look like easter eggs. How beautiful. Luckily to have one in your garden. Things in our garden aren’t growing at the moment even after I just redid it all. Boo. Stunning.

  2. Your photos have given me a hankering for Cadburys Mini Eggs. If only they grew on trees. Love all the pastel tones in your photos, very pretty :)

  3. They really do look like mini eggs don’t they? Kitty would have been crushed to find it and then learn that they were not in face made of chocolate!
    Sounds like a wise plan to keep the jobs till after the snow (is it nearly that time already ?! Seems like only last month you were snowed in!) Great that you have a book to read up and help with planning, your sister is very thoughtful.

    Thanks for joining in again. Now where did I put that chocolate…

    1. I know, I can’t believe I’m talking about snow again already! We had a landscaper around today to look at sorting out some drainage issues before the winter, but that’s about it for us until spring!
      Wouldn’t it be great if they were chocolate :)

  4. Just saw these on Google Plus and they really do look like little eggs! Amazing. I need to start thinking about getting involved in the garden and doing bits and bobs now I am off most of the week and my girl is in pre-school and my boy is growing up. It is all changing! xxx

  5. Those are amazingly like Mini Eggs, which being my absolute favourite, I’d want to eat all the time! Can you get Mini eggs in the States? My mum always sends some to France for me to get my fix at Easter.

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