Our Garden: spring blossoms

Our Garden: spring blossoms

Spring blossoms; a wonderful end to winter and a sign of things to come.

When we returned from our trip to the UK at the end of April, spring was well underway. Having left bare trees, we returned to see blossom appearing everywhere we looked.

The magnolia trees were spectacular. Pink and white and delicate. The scent of lilac filled the air. Azaleas were in bud, flowers bursting forth as the days went on. Others I can’t yet name, blooming and brightening our view.

Walking the garden became a feast for the senses. Bright reds and pretty pinks. Lavenders and whites. Perfume surrounding me.

Spring Blossoms 1

Spring Blossoms 2

Spring Blossoms 3

Spring Blossoms 4

Spring Blossoms 5

Spring Blossoms 6

Spring Blossoms 7

Spring Blossoms 8

Spring Blossoms 9

Spring Blossoms 10

Spring Blossoms 11

Spring Blossoms 12

Spring Blossoms 13

Spring Blossoms 14

Spring Blossoms 15

Spring Blossoms 16

Spring Blossoms 17

As these blossoms fade, and spring turns to summer (in that overnight way that it does here in New England), they are being replaced with an array of different coloured rhododendrons, which deserve a post all to themselves!

But, now I know what to expect in this new garden of ours, anticipation of spring will take on new meaning next year.

Spring, you were wonderful and memories of spring blossoms will carry me through whatever next winter may throw at us.


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29 thoughts on “Our Garden: spring blossoms”

  1. Oh what a wonderful collection of Spring blooms Sara! I do love seeing the white and the pink against that bright blue sky. Must have been lovely to get home and see Springtime had arrived. A little birdie mentioned you don’t like Winter mwahahaha! xx

    1. Thank you :) To be honest, I’m not a gardener, at all… I’m not really sure what to do with most of it!

  2. Ah I feel so excited for you to be surrounded by such lovely sights, colours and smells after that long Winter. It all looks so similar to here, it’s rhododendron central round where I live too. I bet that lilac smelt amazing! Is it me or do you always have the bluest skies there?
    Thanks for joining in again lovely x

    1. The lilac was fabulous, quite close to the front door, so it was the first thing I smelt as I left or came back to the house. We do seem to have amazing blue skies :)

  3. Spring is my favourite time of year because everything coming to life again feels like a sensory overload. Sunlight, floral scents and all that colour. Beautiful!

    1. I do love spring, the colours and sunshine are enough to make me forget about winter (until the snow arrives again!).

    1. It was wonderful. I think summer is in full swing now, and it will hopefully be long and lazy :)

    1. They are both magnolias, the white is a star magnolia, and I think the pink is too, but they look quite different with the pink petals :)

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