The Prompt: Happy

The Prompt 153: Happy

The choices that we make and
the path that we take, can
lead us through
moments that allow us
to define and find,
our happy.

The decisions that we make and
the line that we take, may
steer us away,
or between, so we fail
to notice what makes
us happy.

The life that we make and
the love that we take, will
sustain us as we
choose the paths and
the lines, until we
know happy.

© Sara Murray, 6 July 2017



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7 thoughts on “The Prompt: Happy”

  1. I love this. I love that the onus is on us. The power that we have to look at things differently makes the difference. It’s powerful that you focus on the X that we X. #ThePrompt

  2. I love the flowing ribbon of rhythm to this and your creative use of enjambment. I love the different uses you’ve put the word ‘happy’ to. I’m left feeling almost serene.

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