Snapshots from Storyland

One of our favorite places is Storyland in New Hampshire. We discovered it the year after we moved to the US and we’ve been back every summer since.

I’ve written several posts about our times at Storyland!

The rides where you’ll get wet, the ones where you’ll stay dry, a perfect fall weekend, a weekend with friends and visiting with Granny.

So, before it starts snowing here, I want to share just some of our Storyland memories from this year (although, as we go so often, I don’t take nearly as many photos now!).

We did a few day trips this year, which we hadn’t tried before, but despite the three hour drive, it’s surprisingly manageable and a good way to get a few more days in the park. One of our day trips was while my eldest was at camp, which was lovely for our younger two. I can’t think of a time when they’ve had one-on-one time with us like that before. And, we spent Labor Day weekend staying nearby, enjoying a couple of visits to the park as part of a wonderful weekend with friends.

The kids really do love it there, and while I will admit that a few hours at a time is now plenty for me, watching the kids makes it all worthwhile. My eldest is already aging out of it a bit, so I suspect our trips as a family will become less frequent, while day trips with the younger two will happen instead.

But, just look at these happy faces!

Snapshots from Storyland 1
Snapshots from Storyland 2
Snapshots from Storyland 4
Snapshots from Storyland 5
Snapshots from Storyland 6
Snapshots from Storyland 9
Snapshots from Storyland 8
Snapshots from Storyland 7
My daughter LOVES meeting all the characters and watching the various shows. I think I saw Fairy Tale High three or four times this year!

Snapshots from Storyland 10
Snapshots from Storyland 11
Snapshots from Storyland 12
The boys still love the flume ride. My little girl tried it for the first time this year… It might be a while before she tries it again!

Snapshots from Storyland 13
The 8yo on the other hand will try anything, and really does have the best time.

Snapshots from Storyland 14
I always make sure to get photos of the three together when we’re there.

Snapshots from Storyland 15
Snapshots from Storyland 16
It’s wonderful looking back at the same photos from over the years and seeing how much they’ve grown. [This is 2014 versus 2017!]

Storyland 2014

Have to say, 2017 really was another wonderful year at Storyland.


A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.
Eudora Welty

I began these ‘Snapshots’ posts over the summer, when my days were too busy having fun with my kids to spend time writing about the fun we were having. They are a way for me to record the moments, but not feel obliged to write War and Peace. Capture the days as they happen. No SEO, no pinnable images, no stress. So, I’m going to continue to write them, and keep those moments from running away.


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20 thoughts on “Snapshots from Storyland”

  1. Storyland looks like such a wonderful place to spend the day with the kids, it’s obvious why you visit regularly throughout the year. It’s a shame that your oldest is beginning to outgrow his enjoyment of the place but I’m sure the others will still be begging to go every summer. I love the shot from 2014 vs 2017, I can’t believe how much the three of them have grown up!

    Thanks for sharing your adventure with me on #CountryKids.

    1. Sara | mumturnedmom

      They have grown so much, haven’t they! The younger two still love it, and to be fair my eldest enjoys himself once he’s there, but he’s less keen to visit repeatedly!

  2. It’s so lovely to have somewhere like this to visit regularly and make those happy family memories. Love the two photos showing how much your children have grown over the last three years. Storyland looks like such an amazing place to visit – I can see why you keep returning as your children look like they have such a wonderful time there. #countrykids

  3. I love your snapshot posts, I think they are great – just celebrating fun as a family and not worrying about all the other rubbish. This looks like a great place to visit and it seems odd you are planning for the snow but remembering your posts from last year you do get a lot of it. Mich x

  4. Looks like they had a great time. Funny too see them in swimgear outside when it’s cold here! Time whizzing by. I reckon N would love Storyland #countrykids

  5. Oh bless is the flume scary? We need to go back to Disneyland Paris now as big man said he would do Tower of Terror again when he was 10 (I didn’t appreciate how bad it would be… I sent my OH on it with him!) Lovely set of family photos and memories Sara #countrykids

    1. Sara | mumturnedmom

      Yes, we’ve been going a few times a year for four years, and the kids still love it! As they get older, they try new things. It’s great :)

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