The Gallery: Body Parts

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The theme from Tara for The Gallery this week is Body Parts.

This is my daughters hand when she was just a few weeks old.

Everyone says ‘you forget how tiny they are…’.

But, you really do.

I was so amazed by this tiny little girl. Amazed that she was a girl!

I spent hours just watching her. She looked so like her brothers, but with a feminine curve to her face, a girlish cast to her smile. She was in their image, but a finer and more delicate version.

Her hands were so tiny, so perfect. I spent ages trying to get a photo that really conveyed how small and fragile they looked – even against my own hands, which are also tiny! I never managed to get the perfect photo, but I still smile when I see the ones we did take.

Especially those where she is holding my hand. My precious little girl.


20 thoughts on “The Gallery: Body Parts”

  1. Such a beautiful photo! I love little hands.
    Your description of your girl sounds like mine – looking like her brothers, but just a more delicate version!

  2. oh I love it, to me it is a perfect picture Sara, it’s one of those moments when the tiny perfect little person you created reaches out for you, grabs on and silently says you’re my mummy I OWN YOU! xxx

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