2013: my year in blogging

My first year of blogging has been amazing; I have learnt such a lot; I have written about many things, trying different styles and ideas; I have had a lot of fun!

I thought it would be interesting to look back and see which posts were my most popular. Rather than just looking at the top five or ten, I have looked back at each month; to see which post published during that month has had the most views. It’s interesting to look back at my very early posts, some of which had few initial views but which have gone on to be viewed a lot over the year – perhaps I should take note of the tags :)

So, here is a run down of my year on the blog…


My blog was only a few weeks old in January. Readership was definitely on the low side :) Two posts tied for most viewed; Reflections on 2012 and Expat: The other side of the road. It’s interesting to look back at my thoughts on 2012; it was a year of huge change for us and the stresses of that were still fresh in my mind, but I was also starting to settle a little and appreciate the opportunities and positives of the move. Conversely, driving was definitely still new and stressful!


In February the blogging community was rocked by the death of Matilda Mae. This tragedy affected me deeply, Matilda Mae’s mother wrote so honestly and heartbreakingly about the loss of her daughter. It changed me. One of my goals with our move had been to spend far more time together as a family, just having fun. Life had of course taken over and we weren’t taking time often enough. That changed in February; we discovered messy play, we went for walks; we played; we had adventures. I wrote the post Star of the Sea a couple of weeks after Matilda Mae died, to link up with other bloggers in a show of support for Jennie.


In March the wee girl turned one! Such a special occasion, and one that we celebrated over the course of a week! Happy Birthday baby girl!


My very first Messy Play post, First Finger Painting, written to join Jennie’s Messy Play for Matilda Mae linky, is my second most viewed post for the year. Messy play did not come easily to me, but having seen how much the kids enjoy it, I have embraced it! We have a tuff spot; we’ve played with jelly and moon sand and spaghetti; we’ve painted with shaving foam, and our hands and feet; we’ve done lots of mark making and sensory play; we’ve made a mess!


May saw the first birthday of Matilda Mae. Again the blogging community rallied; we blew bubbles, lit candles, remembered and celebrated a life cut too short; and we wrote. Happy Birthday to a Star is my most viewed post of the year, by a long way. Marking the birthday of an angel, creating a lasting memorial to a beautiful blog baby – it was my small contribution to an overwhelming show of support and love.


A few Silent Sunday posts pop up in this annual rundown, and this photo is one of them. An image of balloons against the sky, it is one of my favourites of the year too. The next most popular post for this month was my first post on the Unexpected Language Barrier..!


July saw us celebrate our first 4th of July. Embracing the holidays has been one of our ways of feeling more at home. Although this holiday doesn’t have the strength of meaning for us, it is a big day for our US friends and our local community celebrated together with a wonderful event for families.


In August I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to curate the virtual exhibition Story of Mum: mums making an exhibition of ourselves for a day. I was asked to choose something from the exhibition, contribute something to the gallery and to give my thoughts on motherhood and identity. I joined some wonderful bloggers with my musings on the changes that motherhood brings and how I view my role as a mother.


Over the summer I discovered a wonderful linky; How does your garden grow? Run by the lovely Annie at Mammasuarus, it has become one of the highlights of my week; taking a virtual stroll through beautiful gardens and looking at stunning photographs. This gardening post from late September was a popular one, it described picking and freezing all my wonderful basil for use over the winter!


In the Fall, we did lots of autumn and halloween themed activities; we went apple picking, we decorated the house, we made Halloween cookies and we waxed leaves. The leaves were a success, and have kept their colour beautifully, although they have become more brittle as they have aged and dried out more. It’s an activity that we will try again next year :)


My approach to baking is to make it as easy as possible! After the apple picking, I needed to find recipes to use up the pounds of apples that the boys picked… My Easy Apple Pie is now my fourth most viewed post, and my most pinned – it would seem that a lot of people have my approach to baking :)


Two of this months Silent Sunday posts appear in my Top Ten for the year. The first one is of snow falling and the second is of the wee girl multitasking with her Christmas presents :) They were closely followed by my post celebrating mumturnedmom turning one!

It has been a fabulous year, I have thoroughly enjoyed writing all these posts, and I hope that people have enjoyed reading them.

I’m looking forward to 2014 and another year of writing.

Happy New Year!

I’m linking this post up to #PoCoLo from Verily, Victoria Vocalises.

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  2. You’ve done really well. Congratulations. I never know whether to be inspired or slightly green eyed of other people’s great blogs. I’ll go with inspired! #PoCoLo

  3. What a lovely post. I’m working on something similar but our year as a family in pictures. It’s quite fun to go back over everything that you have done over the year :-) #PoCoLo

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