Making the most of blue skies

Making the most of blue skies

For one reason or another we have not been walking to and from school. Whether it be rain or cold, lateness or laziness; it’s been far too easy to fall back on the car.

I miss the exercise, the fresh air, and having been away last week I was looking forward to getting out and walking the boys to school. Of course, on Monday, it rained. Constant, unrelenting rain!

But, yesterday, there was no rain. Which was a relief as my husband had the car! Walking was a necessity, not just a welcome change.

The lack of walking has also meant that I have been missing out on Fall photographs; not nearly enough photos of leaves have been taken :)

So, once the boys were safely in school, and I was no longer rushing, I enjoyed the walk home; chatting to the wee girl and pointing out leaves and berries; really looking around me at these last signs of autumn. Winter is definitely in the air.

It was still quite dull as we left home, the grey skies leaching colour from the surroundings, the vibrant leaves muted.


Then the sun started to break through and as the colours brightened my mood lifted.


This is what the school run is all about in the Fall. Berries and vibrant colours and clear blue skies. Glowing trees and a blanket of leaves.









These bright, crisp blue sky days may now be few and far between, so I intend to make the most of them. Although it is definitely time to add another couple of layers and wrap up more against the chill… the walk home from school was less sunny, and less pleasant!

Joining in with the new School Run Colours linky from Rambling Through Parenthood.

School Run Colours

With the big dig continuing around our house I am enjoying autumn outwith my own garden, just for the moment… and joining in with Annie over at Simple Wanderlust for the wonderful How does your garden grow?


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43 thoughts on “Making the most of blue skies”

  1. YES. Loved this. The other day we took a nice two hour walk and went to the park because it was the first day with no rain and an incredible sun!

    You also just reminded me to TAKE MORE FALL PICTURES!!! Why haven’t I?

    not sure, but thank you for the inspiration, just stunning.

    Angie from reasons to dress

  2. The autumn colours are exceptionally vibrant in your part of the world. And sunshine just brings them out so beautifully. Particularly loving the purple leaves and the red and yellow berries. Thank you so much for linking up to #SchoolRunColours. Fingers crossed for more opportunities to walk x

  3. Wow love the colours! It does make a difference to one’s moods when the sky is clear and the grey clouds are gone.

  4. Such colour! I love the colours of the leaves against that blue sky, always always love them. But I’ve not seen down on the pavements before, I didn’t realise just how many leaves fell there! Great to scrunch through when dry and lethal when wet and slippy.

    Nice to see you getting back outdoors, a bad back has seen me out of outdoors action too this past week so loving get back out there now :)

    Have a top weekend – and thanks for joining in again xx

    1. You should see our garden… we’ve been hoping they might just go away, but I think this weekend might be spent raking! Hope your back is on the mend, it is so lovely to get back outside :) Thanks for hosting lovely x

  5. Wow what gorgeous photo’s you’ve taken! Walking with my children in the sunshine, whatever the temperature, is one of my favourite things to do x

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