Our Garden: Summer

Our Garden Summer

My garden is a source of wonder, and challenge. As the summer progressed it became more and more colourful, and wilder.

I don’t know where to start, but I know we must do something to tame the wildness, at least in part. There are times when you may be forgiven for thinking no one lives here.

As I navigate my way through these new mornings of child free existence, I have the opportunity to spend some time; getting to know my garden better. Reviewing, planning, reading. I still have many plants to identify. I have plants that need to be moved. I have areas where I want to invest in new planting.

We have huge lawns that need mowed. We have vines, choking trees and shrubs, that need to be cut back. We have many, many self seeded trees that need to be removed.

So much to do!

All rather daunting.

But, for all that, it is already so beautiful, even over grown and unkempt.

Landscape 1

Landscape 2

Landscape 3

Landscape 4

Landscape 5

Every walk brings a new discovery.

Garden 1

Garden 2

Garden 3

Garden 4

Garden 5

Garden 6

Garden 7

Garden 8

Garden 9

Garden 10

Garden 11

Garden 12

The passing of our summer reflected in the changing hues.

Hydrangea 2

Hydrangea 3

Hydrangea 1

Hydrangea 4

Hydrangea 5

Hydrangea 6

Our garden has so much potential. For play, for relaxing, for escape.

And while the bigger jobs will need to wait until next year; after the external works to the house are complete; I can make a start.

The back garden we created, our garden within a garden, needs some attention. The scale of this is far less daunting and I will start there. Tidy flower beds and plant bulbs. Prepare the garden for the winter and look forward to an oasis in the wilderness come spring!



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20 thoughts on “Our Garden: Summer”

  1. Oh wow, that is a lot of outdoor space! My dream is to hsve a huge garden, but I haven’t considered the upkeep side of things. Looks like another project in the making for you my lovely :) one thing’s certain: you won’t be bored! xx

  2. Gorgeous shots!! My garden here near Toronto is far past its prime. I’ve begun cutting it back and I am filling spaces in with mums. Your blue hydrangeas are gorgeous. Mine hardly flowered this year. :(. Maybe next year…..

    1. The leaves are starting to fall here, but there is still plenty flowering. I had for more flowers on my hydrangeas last year, but I got a few this year :)

  3. It looks great already Sara, but new garden’s can be a bit daunting can’t they. Love that it’s letting you discover more of it bit by bit – looking forward to seeing how you “tame” it x #hdygg

    1. I’ve taken the year to watch it and see what grows where, but now it’s time to start tackling it… daunting indeed :)

  4. Our garden isn’t as big as yours but it’s also looking wild at the moment. The last few weeks have disappeared and I’ve spent next to no time in the back garden. Everything has gone berserk! Beautiful hydrangeas, I like how the blue ones turn multicoloured as they fade.

  5. Hydrangea swoons going on here!

    Overgrown and unkempt ey, I do believe you garden and my legs have something in common ;)

    These things can seem so overwhelming when faced with so many jobs but you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can make a dent in the jobs and the difference it makes. All rather addictive!
    I love how you have got really up close with your garden in these photo Sara – it’s lovely to have you join in again x

    1. Yes, I decided to let it do it’s own thing this year, just to see what was where (and got some lovely surprises along the way!). Now to make a start…

  6. what a fantastic garden, i’m not up on plant names, but i can see quite a few from the pictures of shrubs and trees we have in dubai and similar flowers to the ones in South Africa

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